April’s Book To Live By

The longer days and awakening nature have inspired me to bring that spirit of renewal indoors. And I found a perfect way to do it — with feng shui.

Feng shui is a method of organizing your home to support all areas of your life. By harmonizing with your surroundings, you open space that allows energy to flow more easily and create the best outcomes for prosperity, creativity, relationships and more.

My guest expert for the April membership interview is Karen Rauch Carter, a brilliant feng shui consultant. In our conversation, she offered fun tips for arranging your environment so it aligns with your dreams and goals.

I am so pleased to announce that the April Book to Live By selection is Karen’s best-seller Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness.

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

The book introduces this traditional Chinese philosophy in an entertaining, well organized and inspiring way. Her advice is easy to understand, and you can begin applying the laws and cures of feng shui without complex calculations.

In the process, you become more aware of key areas of your life you may be neglecting, including your health, love life and career.

If you are already spring-cleaning, you’re halfway there! Why not try some easy feng shui ideas and see what happens?

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March’s Book To Live By

I have never received as many requests from Women on Fire to cover a topic as I did with the Impostor Syndrome.

This phenomenon reflects how a shockingly high number — estimates range to 70 percent — of accomplished women feel as though they are faking it in their careers and are doomed to being discovered.

Our March Book To Live By selection looks at this sneaky form of self-sabotage that can show itself in many forms. It causes so much suffering by undercutting confidence and stirring feelings of shame.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a book from a leading expert on the topic:

The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It, by Valerie Young, Ed.D.

Dr. Young has spent more than 30 years researching this phenomenon and helping to find life-changing solutions.

Key offerings in the book include:

  • Subtle ways society puts down women that affect how they perceive themselves
  • Surprising traits that reflect feelings of being a fraud
  • Scenarios commonly faced by women that lower their self-esteem and expose vulnerabilities
  • Defense mechanisms the Impostor Syndrome elicits, such as overworking, never finishing a project and procrastination
  • End-of-chapter activities to help you change your thoughts and actions

It is my fondest hope that all of you conquer any feelings of self-doubt and see how amazing you really are!

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February’s Book To Live By

February is celebrated as the month of love.

We are honoring that spirit with a book recommendation to help you focus on the most important love of your life: YOU!

The author is a dear friend — to me and to our Women on Fire community. Agapi Stassinopoulos has been a key supporter since she was the guest of honor at the very first Women on Fire Tea in 2004.

It is my pleasure to announce as our February Book To Live By:

Wake Up cover

Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life by Agapi Stassinopoulos.

In this beautiful book, Agapi offers a roadmap for a yearlong journey to joy, using such guideposts as gratitude, kindness and grace to navigate the way.

There are 52 chapters presenting practical advice and wise insights on universal goals and challenges that cover self-care, finances, relationships, self-esteem, creativity, spiritual growth and more. Each chapter ends with an encouraging action plan or a peaceful guided meditation.

Agapi’s generosity of spirit is contagious and inspiring. She will touch your heart.

What else would we expect from a woman whose name literally means love?

Wake Up to the Joy of You is available from Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. To receive Agapi’s powerful wisdom in audio, please go to: www.penguinrandomhouseaudio.com/book/540616/wake-up-to-the-joy-of-you/

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December’s Book To Live By

If you are using the changing of calendars to consider your own potential transformations, have I got a book for you.

In the December Book To Live By, Women on Fire member Kelley Black invites us to share in her journey into spiritual discovery. Stopovers include lovely detours into travel, self-care, goddess energy, courage, fashion and so very much more.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a unique and uplifting book from a dear friend and co-author in Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!):

Luscious Life Cover

This Luscious Life by Kelley Black.

Kelley combines memoir, a guidebook for life and philosophical meanderings to speak to the hearts of women. She offers empowerment to follow your spirit and find success and enchantment.

With an openhearted sharing of her darkest moments, she also illuminates the brightest ones.

In doing so, she teaches us to embrace all of life’s lessons as the gifts they truly are.

Kelley believes in the magic. After reading This Luscious Life, you will too.

This Luscious Life is available from Amazon.

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September’s Book To Live By

Is depression a medical issue? Or is it a crisis of the soul?

The Women on Fire Book To Live By selection for September takes a unique perspective on society’s epidemic of emotional suffering and the way it is treated.

It is my pleasure to announce our choice is the latest book from my friend and mentor Marianne Williamson:

Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment

Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment by Marianne Williamson.

This groundbreaking offering by one of our best-selling authors and most profound thinkers changes the conversation.

With the compassion and wisdom expected of one of our great spiritual teachers, Marianne challenges the way we understand depression.

Life comes with heartbreaking losses, difficult relationships, and crushing failures.

Rather than accepting grief as a natural part of the human experience, we often treat it like a disease. We numb it with medication.

Marianne shines a light on our spiritual ills, showing us how to embrace the pain and learn its lessons. In doing so, we can experience growth and find deeper inner peace.

Using insights from A Course in Miracles, Marianne helps us to see the miraculous universe around and within us. She offers hope and comfort, including prayers that are life-changing.

Tears to Triumph is available from Amazon and in bookstores everywhere. I highly recommend it – and all books by Marianne Williamson.

Lots of love,

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November’s Book To Live By

This month’s Books To Live By selection highlights the theme of our membership Inner Circle for November: The Body Does Not Lie: The Power of Guided Imagery, featuring Belleruth Naparstek, guided-imagery pioneer, psychotherapist and author.

Our November selection is….


Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal by Belleruth Naparstek.

In this groundbreaking book, Belleruth helps you heal from pain and trauma through her revolutionary work with guided imagery. Traumatic events come in all shapes and sizes, and Invisible Heroes will nurture your body, mind and soul back to a place of peace.

Belleruth, a longtime friend of mine, is one of the most gifted therapists I know. Over the last 30 years, her cutting-edge research on guided imagery has helped more people into recovery than we can count. And her work has established guided imagery as an overwhelmingly effective and easy tool for dealing with the devastating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Belleruth describes guided imagery as the “lazy person’s form of meditation that requires no skill and not a whole lot of patience, even.” In fact, she says, “You don’t even have to be awake.”

And as someone who has practiced guided imagery with her, I can attest! I’ve also used the audios while sleeping. 🙂

So if you’re suffering from psychological scars, I urge you to grab a copy of this life-changing book. Invisible Heroes really does have the power to help you safely and effectively recover from all kinds of trauma, no matter how long you’ve suffered.

If you aren’t currently struggling, please pass this along to someone you know who might be in need of Belleruth’s brilliance.

Lots of love,

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P.S. Remember last week when we sent you a free audio sample of Belleruth’s guided imagery on self confidence? Invisible Heroes is the perfect supplement to the full recording!

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May’s Books To Live By

Are you safeguarding your future? The second half of life offers different challenges than the first half, and you have be ready for them.

This month’s Books To Live By will give you the help you need to create plans and gain peace of mind.

I am so pleased to present our May selections:


What You Really Need to Know for the Second Half of Life and Protect Your Family: Don’t Write a Blank Check to the Nursing Home

One of our country’s top eldercare attorneys, Julie Steinbacher, who also is featured in the Women on Fire May membership package, was a co-author of the books.

She planned and organized the writing of this compilation book from a handpicked team of certified attorneys from across the nation who specialize in elder care law and estate planning.

The information is written in clear, direct language. It gives you the essential knowledge and best advice for planning for retirement, long-term-care options and end-of-life issues for yourself and your loved ones while protecting assets.

There is work to be done, but the groundwork is laid out for you here.

Topics include wills, senior living options and life care needs, business succession, Social Security, Medicaid, planning for an adult child with special needs, protecting seniors from financial exploitation, determining caregivers and decision-makers, and so much more.

You will learn about pitfalls, the documents you need and how to choose the best professionals to help you.

These books are filled with valuable information — real tools with real solutions.

You can be ready for whatever situations life throws at you!


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April’s Book To Live By

Have you ever stepped from another’s shadow to stand in your own light? Now that is something to sing about!

In the April membership interview, “20 Feet from Stardom’: From Superstar Backup Singer to Solo Spotlight,” I spoke with songstress Lisa Fischer, who has spent three decades sharing the stage and studio with such superstar acts as the Rolling Stones, Luther Vandross, Sting and Tina Turner.

To celebrate this amazing woman, this month, instead of a book to inform and inspire you, I want to introduce you to music that will touch your heart and make your spirit soar.

I am so proud to announce that our April 2016 Songs To Live By selection is Lisa’s solo album:

So Intense

So Intense by Lisa Fischer

In this incredible album, Lisa unleashes a superb range and thrilling, emotive delivery that will knock your socks off.

You may already know the monster-hit single “How Can I Ease the Pain?” — one of three songs on the album that Lisa co-wrote — which won the 1992 Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. The yearning in Lisa’s voice can bring you to tears.

From get-on-your-feet dance beats (“Save Me”) to soulful ballads (her cover of the classic “Wildflower,” produced here by Luther Vandross) to goosebump-inducing vocal acrobatics (“Chain of Broken Hearts”), So Intense is a stunning, soul-soothing, heart-pounding encounter. I cannot recommend it more highly!

And if you get the chance to hear Lisa in person — she is currently on tour — you simply must go! Lisa is a true gem.


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March’s Book To Live By

How is your health? If you are anything like me, you are a work-in-progress, striving and desiring to feel your very best.

This month’s Books To Live By choice expands and deepens the discussion we began in our March membership interview, “Five Steps to Take Charge of Your Health Now!”

I am proud to announce that our March 2016 selection is:

Mysterious Mind Cover

The Mysterious Mind: How to Use Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Heal Your Headaches and Reclaim Your Health by Trupti Gokani, M.D.

In this remarkable book, our own Trupti Gokani, a board-certified neurologist with a medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an expert in the ancient wisdom and traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, leads us through the wondrous mysteries of the mind-body connection so we can claim vital health and well-being.

Beyond her thriving medical practice in Chicago, Dr. Gokani has written and lectured extensively in the areas of neurology and psychiatry, and has generously shared her insights into such widespread modern-day ailments as migraines, insomnia, mood disorders, food allergies, autoimmune diseases, and digestive and hormonal issues.

In The Mysterious Mind, with clarity and compassion, she guides you to such discoveries as your true physical nature (your dosha), which holds the key to your health.

Her simple yet elegant diet and lifestyle choices will lead you through detoxification processes and help you to balance your hormones so you can finally feel your best.

This book has now replaced the more dated health book go-tos on my shelf. It’s a winner!

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October’s Book To Live By

This month’s book choice was recommended to us from one of my favorite inspiring women.

Sheri Salata, the president of The Oprah Winfrey Network, was the subject of our featured interview in this month’s Women on Fire membership package.

If anyone knows the best and latest book to recommend, it’s Sheri, and she didn’t disappoint!

Our October Book To Live By selection is….


Find Me Unafraid: Love, Loss and Hope in an African Slum by Jessica Posner and Kennedy Odede is the true story of two young people from entirely different worlds who fall in love — and change the world.

Jessica Posner is a Wesleyan College graduate from Denver,and Kennedy Odede is a young man from Kibera, the largest slum in Africa.

Together, their work has changed the lives of many in Kibera’s most vulnerable population: girls.

They founded Kibera’s first tuition-free school for girls, a large, bright blue building, which stands as a bastion of hope in what once felt like a hopeless place.

There is intrigue and suspense in this book, and it’s impossible to read it without feeling uplifted for what is possible for the human spirit.

Mia Farrow called the book “an astounding story of love, hope, inspiration and triumph. It is a mesmerizing love story; two young people from very different cultures join forces to build a life together—and a new life filled with promise for others. I don’t think either of them understand the word ‘impossible.’ ”

Please order your copy today and let me know what you think. It’s a perfect book to curl up with this weekend.

Thank you, Sheri Salata. This book is such a winner!


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P.S. Please join me in New York City on Tuesday, November 3 at 7:30PM for an intimate evening, workshop and discussion of the Women on Fire book series.

Sponsored by BookTheWriter at a private home, the evening promises to be fun and inspiring! All information to register is here. I hope to see you there!

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