The “baby” is here! She’s 6” x 9” and weighs 12 ounces

Hi from Chicago!
Rob and I are here for the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference…and we’re not the only ones to arrive today.

We got to the hotel and found 50 copies of the Women on Fire book FedEXed to us for our very first peek at the real thing!!!  After nearly two years of working on this book, I am so thrilled to hold it in my hands.

And, even more thrilled to get it into yours.  The 19 co-authors who worked with me to share their real-life stories are sources of such courage and wisdom.  I’m so honored to have worked with them in creating this book that I hope will touch and inspire you.

As you know, Rob is rarely without a camera in his hand and today was no different. He took a video as I opened the box and saw the books for the first time.

What else can I say??  I’m an excitable girl!