No place like home, Part 2

Back on Martha’s Vineyard

If you don’t travel, your life is like reading only one page of a book.

I read that statement somewhere once and wish I knew who to attribute it to.

Today, after nearly two weeks on the road I am home on Martha’s Vineyard with Rob and Wilber, so much richer and happier for all I’ve learned and experienced. I’ve been on book tour in Chicago, Columbus and Cleveland with Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!)

Wilber Welcomes Me Home!

Wilber was waiting at the door when I got home!

The outpouring of women (and men, too!) who shared what they are “on fire” about in their lives was so inspiring and rewarding.  There was the Mom in Cleveland with a program for grandmothers that she wants to find a book agent for; the gentleman in Columbus who asked how he can build self-esteem in his daughters; the anti-aging expert/author in Chicago (who looked to be in her 40s but was 64!) eager to spread her message of healing to world.

Everywhere I went there were people burning to share their gifts to make life better for others!

In addition, here are 5 things from my travels that added new pages to my own book of life:

•    Nothing in the world like long-time friends who show up to celebrate an old friend’s new venture!

•    The effects of so many people losing their jobs, having their hours cut or work changed – the transition, pain and potential of what’s next.

•    Jeni’s Ice Cream in Columbus: salty caramel ice cream with chopped Smokehouse almonds…wow, wow, wow!


Ice cream is not my indulgence of choice but that may change after this cone!

•    Given the choice for me to speak on 4 Ways To Cope With the Recession or 5 Secrets to Helping Your Woman Be On Fire, a roomful of Upper Arlington, Ohio businessmen overwhelmingly chose the latter! (Very inspiring to then watch them eagerly take notes.)

•    I still can’t successfully operate a GPS in a rental car;-)