Staying in shape while doing nothing

St. Lucia, West Indies – I’d love to tell you that because Rob and I live and work from home on Martha’s Vineyard, we are on vacation all the time!  But, noooooooo…

While it is true we live in one of the prettiest destinations in the entire world and we love it, it is also true that I need to leave our island every once in a while to totally relax and recharge.

So, after last year’s “staycation” on the Vineyard, Rob pulled out all the stops this summer and has whisked us away to St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean the size of the Vineyard.

So far so GREAT.  My goal is to do nothing but read and rest all week while my dedicated-to-learning Rob studies with one of the world’s greatest living photographers Joe McNally.


Day 2 and I am meeting my goal!!  (And, by the looks of some of his pictures, Rob is meeting his, too☺ )



What I hadn’t counted on until I actually counted them are the 250 steep stairs from our cottage in the mountain resort Anse Chastanet to the azure blue waters at the beach…500 steps roundtrip.  Multiply that by 3-4 trips a day and all I can say is my booty better be smaller and my calves firmer after my vacation of doing nothing!


PS  Oh, I did “work” today…here I am with Maura after an absolutely amazing 1.5 hour deep-tissue massage.