Loafing. Again.

St. Lucia, West Indies – Day 5 of our vacation and everywhere I look on this tropical island I see beauty.

To my right from my perch on our mountainside veranda is the Caribbean Sea.


To my left are the Grand Pitons rising out of the midst in the early morning like two… two…oh, never mind…words escape me;-)


In the baby-soft breeze that envelops me, I become aware of my breath again.  Flowers cascade or pop up in every direction.

Down at the beach, I’m too scared to scuba or snorkel (feels too much like I’m INSIDE an aquarium!) but I love snuggling under my thatched umbrella and watching everyone else who isn’t fearful.


At breakfast, lunch and dinner, the sweet scent of the rain forest and the twittering of birds joining us at our open-air table (before they steal our food!) transforms our meals into a personal wildlife show complete with yellow finches and this cutie with a rust-colored bib.

Even the drinks here are beautiful sights.  Check out my very favorite — The Bentley – stirred with a shaft of sugar cane.


Here’s the recipe to make one for yourself:  fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, club soda and a splash of Grenadine.  Cheers!