Something to “wine” about!

New York, NY – An invitation I couldn’t resist!
Who:   Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach
What:   Wine tasting!
When:  A steamy summer evening in NYC
Where: Astor Wines 399 Lafayette Street, NYC (in their gorgeous new facility!)

If Laurie Forster is involved, you’re assured of three things:
1)    Wine will flow
2)    You’ll learn something (or many) things you didn’t know about enjoying wine
3)    You’ll have fun!


Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach, superbly demystifies wine one glass at a time!

Laurie is a Vision Day alumni and Women on Fire book co-author.  With great love and pride, I’ve watched her transform her passion and knowledge of wine and food into becoming nationally known as The Wine Coach® and author of The Sipping Point.

(She used to be in software sales.  You can read about her inspiring journey from software to sommelier in Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!)

Back in the uber elegant, wine-tasting kitchen at Astor, Laurie chose a selection of summer wines for us to taste.  Even though I can’t even pronounce most of their names, Laurie takes the mystery out of wine so you can just enjoy!

I also had my good friend and Woman on Fire member Melissa McClain there to share in the fun with!


Melissa McClain swirling her wine while listening to The Wine Coach!


Both Women on Fire, Melissa McClain and Laurie Forster met in person for the first time

Weeks of no bread or cheese (Rob and I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman’s no-wheat, no-dairy eating plan since early June), I sipped wine and savored every morsel of bread and cheese☺


Here are Laurie’s 7 summer picks from white to blush to full-bodied and sparkling red:


Tastings of the featured 7 wines -- prior to empty glasses!

Gruner Veltliner “Wogenrain” Soellner ’08 – Austrian white wine nicknamed “Groovy” and known for its “pucker” factor has green apple, citrus, white pepper flavor; good pairing for asparagus and artichokes (two veggies that are apparently tough to pair with wine…who knew? See what I mean about having The Wine Coach® for a guide??)

Burgans Albarino ’08 – Spanish white wine, crisp and peachy; very yummy!

Susana Balbo Torrontes “Crios” ’08 – white from Argentina made by famous female wine-grower; Laurie pointed out this full-of-apricot flavor wine has a “big personality.”

Puzelat “KO” Rose ’08 – French wine; light pink in color, cherry, berry, earthy flavor; good with salads and seafood.

Glatzer Zweigelt “Riedencuvee” ’06 – Austrian red; good to pair with spicy, Mexican, Spanish food.

Juan Gil ’06 – Spanish red with hints of chocolate, coffee, vanilla; good with burgers, steak and chicken.

Brachetto d’Acqui “Rebecca” ’07 – A sparkling red dessert wine; if  you nibble a little  chocolate with it, you’ll swear you’re in Heaven!  (But we had no chocolate, so I just ate the rest of the bread basket…works with that, too!)


So fun to experiment with different taste combinations of wine and cheese

Best news of all?  Each wine was fantastic and no bottle cost more than $18.99.

If you don’t know her, I hope you get a chance to meet The Wine Coach® or visit her website where you can register for her free wine tips.

Cheers to you for a happy and spirit-filled summer from Melissa, Laurie and me!


Three Women on Fire toasting The Wine Coach after a very fun and successful evening!