Born To Shop…With You!

I love introducing you to the fabulous women who are involved in Women on Fire.  Here’s Holly Getty who joined our circle in 2003.

Holly Getty 2009

Holly Getty grew up in a brown bathroom.

But that didn’t stop her from pursuing a life that was much more colorful and creative, eventually designing her dream-come-true work as a style consultant in New York City.  It is work she says that “feeds my soul directly I love it so much!”

In the book Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!), Holly writes with humor about her experience growing up where her skills to dress others and to shop were not exactly appreciated…and in fact she received many messages that her ‘gift to shop’ was frivolous and a problem. Ouch.

Only when she started to value her amazing abilities (Women on Fire Aspiration #12) — and do the work she was destined for — did she flourish! You can read Holly’s account of her journey in the chapter “Taking Shopping Seriously.”

Today, she is also an executive in the fashion industry where she travels the world in search of the finest fabrics.  But her real love is helping people to discover their authentic style.

From personal experience, shopping with Holly is life-changing! With Holly’s gentle guidance and expertise, I no longer fear making costly mistakes or worry about whether what I select really works.  There is no item of clothing lingering in my closet with a price tag attached!

Because the mega-shopping day Black Friday looms, I asked Holly to share a couple of pointers for participating in the shopping-day-of-all-shopping days:

•    If you are considering a purchase that is on sale, ask yourself, “would I buy this at full price?”  If you wouldn’t, then skip the “sale.”
•    Be conscious of your emotional state and the environment around you when you shop.  If you find yourself in a frenzied atmosphere, it could lead you to misspend or overspend.  Better off to be calm and a bit detached and buy what you truly need or want than to be influenced by a mad stampede of holiday shoppers!

An original member of Women on Fire, Holly holds the distinction of attending every single Women on Fire tea party and event held in New York City from the start in 2003.  It was Holly who introduced me to the beautiful and elegant Lady Mendl’s Tea Parlour, home to our tea parties in New York.  And, in the picture below, you can see Holly, on the right, as she joyfully celebrates at a tea party in 2008 with two other warm and dynamic Women on Fire — Kelley Black and Catherine Mountain.

Below, Holly answered a few questions about her experience of participating in Women on Fire:

Of the 20 Women on Fire aspirations, which one speaks to you the most?

Aspiration #9: I connect with other women in a trusting, soul-satisfying way.

Meeting people is one thing; connecting in a trusting, soul-satisfying way is unquestionably better.  Because of Women on Fire, I have raised my standards for friendships and business relationships, and I can now say my relationships are all trusting and soul-satisfying.

Describe a favorite Women on Fire moment:

One Woman on Fire was having a difficult time. She had recently suffered the death of a loved one and forced herself to attend the tea party when she just wanted to stay in bed.

After sharing her story of losing someone close, she received an outpouring of support and literally transformed before our eyes. She changed. It was a beautiful reminder to me of how, with support, we can come through anything.

What has been the biggest benefit from being a part of Women on Fire?

The relationships!
Special, successful, kind women I can call on at a moment’s notice. It’s a web of support, love and understanding.

For more information about Holly Getty:

To learn more and receive her free, weekly (and invaluable!) style tips, go to her website at  Be sure to read Holly’s story in Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) by ordering the book at or through your local bookstore or Amazon.