This Week’s Woman On Fire: Julie Moorehead

Last week in Columbus, Ohio, NPR radio host Ann Fisher asked me on her show how to identify a Woman on Fire.  I teased her that I can spot one in three seconds. Only it’s not a joke.

A Woman on Fire lives from her heart and her passion and I can see that in seconds – and I bet you can, too!

While in Columbus, I attended one of our amazing Women on Fire tea parties, hosted by Women on Fire leaders Andrea Dowding and Jerry Browning.

Andrea Dowding, Debbie Phillips, Jerry BrowningIt was absolutely Heaven for me to be a guest in a room FULL of Women on Fire!  It was 18 degrees outside in Columbus that night but inside it was a cocoon of inspiration, warmth and support from 27 fabulous women sharing what they are “on fire” about.

Julie Moorehead, Kelly Boggs, Jenn Bajac, Debbie Phillips, Tricia Simpson

Particularly inspiring to me at the tea party was Julie Moorehead, this week’s Woman on Fire. I’d last seen her at the Women on Fire Retreat in Columbus in 2007…and her transformation of then to now was remarkable!

I’m so proud to share this passionate Woman on Fire with you.

This Week’s Woman On Fire: Julie Moorehead

Woman on Fire since 2007

Julie Moorhead with Debbie Phillips
Julie Moorehead and Debbie Phillips

Julie Moorehead
National Director of Sales – Thirty-One Gifts
Columbus, Ohio

Total number of Women On Fire tea parties, retreats, coaching groups attended:

2 Tea Parties
1 Retreat
Member of the 2008 Columbus, Ohio Coaching Group


How did you come to be a part of Women On Fire?
I was encouraged by a dear friend to attend my first retreat in November 2007. I was so inspired by the event that I immediately signed up for the Coaching Group for the following year!

What would you like other Women On Fire to know about you, your work, and your life?
I am on FIRE about my life and my work! I have been on a transformational journey over the past few years and feel such a sense of accomplishment for where I am currently, both personally and professionally.

Personally, my relationship with my husband has never been better; my kids are happy and healthy; and I have been investing in my personal development.

Professionally, I am working for a company that celebrates, encourages and rewards women for the many roles we play – how awesome is that?!  I feel valued and appreciated, which in turn, inspires me every single day to work to make a difference in the lives of the thousands of incredible women who are part of our Thirty-One family.

What is the most rewarding connection you have made so far from Women On Fire?
Without a doubt the friendships I made during our Women on Fire Coaching Group last year – with our coach and with members of the group. We looked forward to every session and couldn’t wait to get there every month.

The amount of support, encouragement and friendship I received was more than I could have ever imagined and has far outlasted the 12 months of the coaching group.

Which of the 20 Women On Fire Aspirations speaks to you the most?
Aspiration #14  I appreciate, honor, credit and celebrate those who helped me along my path to my goals.

I love this aspiration – for it truly speaks to how I look at all of the support I’ve had along the way. I have been very blessed with an amazing support group of talented and gifted men and women who have encouraged me, challenged me, lifted me up and celebrated my success!

A favorite or inspiring tea party or Women on Fire Retreat moment?
There are too many to count!

The most meaningful moments are when one of the participants shares her true need for support – it’s amazing to see the transformation in the room – you can feel the energy level shift as we funnel our encouraging words and thoughts toward the person who needs it.

The dynamic of these events is incredible – women helping women, in so many wonderful ways. It may be a connection that is made; an encouraging word shared; or just simply knowing that you aren’t alone on your journey. That is the true power of Women on Fire.

What strategy keeps you going?
Being true to my authentic self: incorporating into my life, those things I am truly passionate about, and feeling okay with setting boundaries and not allowing feelings of guilt to have power along the way.

What does being a part of Women On Fire mean to you?

I love being a part of Women on Fire because it is such a warm, inviting and supportive community of amazingly talented and gifted women. It’s not about comparing or competing. It’s about encouraging, celebrating and inspiring each other.

I know for certain, I could not have even attempted my journey of self-discovery without the inspiration, strategies and support I received from WOF. I gained so much clarity and confidence and in return, I am so energized and passionate about the WOF experience!

I just want to shout from the rooftops how amazing this experience has been and encourage every woman I meet to take part. It can truly change your life!

If you ever had doubts about Women on Fire, what were they and were they resolved?

On my way to my first WOF retreat, I was definitely having feelings of doubt and guilt. This was the first time in such a long while that I had invested in myself and I was definitely feeling guilty – I was taking a day off from work (that never happened) and I was feeling guilty about spending the money on myself instead of on my family.

About an hour into the retreat – all my doubts and feelings of guilt evaporated!  By the end of the retreat, I was so energized to find focus in developing my goals. I felt supported and I had a firm belief that the money and time were well spent!  I felt empowered for the first time in years to invest in myself and my potential!

What would you like to tell other Women on Fire about their own hopes and dreams?
Anything is possible!  Please don’t short change yourself. Work to find the clarity and confidence to allow your passions to prosper and flourish. Take the time to reflect on what truly drives you.

Ask for help and support along the way – you will be amazed at how many fans you have who want to help you. Believe in your talents, gifts and strengths for you are an AMAZING woman and the world is better for having you in it!