Clear the Decks!

I take to heart what my friend, Woman on Fire Sophfronia Scott announced she is doing in this final week of 2009:  “Clearing the deck for 2010!”

For me, that means a frenzy of cleaning and clearing out clutter, tying up as many loose ends as possible.

A clean slate and the promise of a fresh year also signals the Vision Day® planning session I have with my husband Rob, who is also a life and executive coach.  Each year during this week I work with him to review the past year, to revisit my vision and to set my goals, plan and theme for the next.

(Many of you know about or have attended Vision Day®, the strategic planning day for your life that we created for ourselves and our coaching clients years ago as a major strategy for success.  You can bolster your own success with some tips from Vision Day I share below.)

I shy away from making New Year’s Resolutions.  And, instead focus and write down clear, measurable, specific goals and dreams and then set them to a theme.

Last year, my theme was: “Women on Fire catches fire…in a good way!”

All of my goals in 2009 were geared toward providing inspiration, strategies and support to serve our ever-increasing circle of fabulous women (that would be you!)

From my Vision Day plan, here’s what happened in 2009:  1,000-plus women now regularly receive this newly launched weekly SPARK!; the Women on Fire book was published; our DVD “Inspire Me!” was completed and released; “7 Mistakes Preventing You From Being A Woman on Fire” CD was produced; eight tea parties were held; a coaching group was launched and completed; and, dozens of book/DVD events, interviews and speaking engagements were held in multiple cities.

I only tell you this because I never would have accomplished this without having a clear vision, a plan and good goals, and the support around me to help make it happen.  I’m good but not that good! 😉

Please know that the love you personally have to give to this world – the precious reason you are here – deserves to have a vision and goals to make it happen.

There is nothing extra I — or anyone else who succeeds — possesses that you don’t have to make your dreams come true.

Here are some essential steps:
1)    Be very clear about what you want.
2)    Write down your goals.
3)    Invest in yourself.
4)    Seek out support.
5)    Take action.
6)    Celebrate!

When you have a moment, please leave your comments below and let me know what action you are going to take first so we can go on this journey together.

Have fun “clearing your deck” to prepare for your most phenomenal year yet!