Will Travel For Tea!

To this day, I remember when I first heard Jenifer Madson’s clear, warm, confident voice on the phone.  I had been introduced to her by another Woman on Fire (of course!) and Jen was inquiring about our tea parties.

She told me she lived outside of Denver and was willing to consider flying to New York City for a three-hour Women on Fire tea party.  One tea party and I think it’s safe to say she was hooked!

She experienced the power of fabulous women connecting to each other for inspiration, strategies and support — and through the years hasn’t let a 1,700-mile distance stand in her way to attend regularly!

As well, Jen quickly became an important, supportive, inspiring member of our community. One year she announced her goal would be to write and publish a book…and the next year we all celebrated her magnificent accomplishment!

You may recognize her name and face from tea party videos on YouTube or our full-length DVD Inspire Me! In them, she is featured talking about writing her book and how she relied on Women on Fire “in the darkest moments” to get her through.

It is my honor to introduce you to:

This Week’s Woman On Fire: Jenifer Madson

Women on Fire since 2005

Jen Madson
Jenifer Madson of Erie, Colorado

Financial Coach

Author, A Financial Minute ~ From Money Madness to Financial Freedom, One Minute at a Time

Business name: Wealth Journeys
Website: www.afinancialminute.com

Number of Women On Fire tea parties attended: 6

How did you come to be a part of Women On Fire?
My good friend Mandy Pratt connected me with Debbie who invited me to my first tea party. Though I wasn’t sure at the time how I would summon the resources of time and money to make the trip, the planets aligned in my favor, and I flew from Denver to New York to meet Debbie and the incredible women who came for that tea party.

Jen Madson and Debbie Phillips at a tea party in NYC in 2008

What would you like other Women On Fire to know about you, your work, and your life?
The greatest things in my life – the people, the career opportunities, the relationships with husband, friends, and family — have all come as a result of having mentors and supporters who saw a brighter future for me than I could often see for myself, and allowing them to guide me. My work as a financial coach came about through my own journey to choose a relationship with money that supports what matters to me most, and I am always so honored to share those strategies with people who would like to accomplish the same.

Name one idea, connection, achievement, success or change in your life that resulted from you being a part of Women on Fire.
I honestly believe that I would not have finished my book, much less gotten it published, if it hadn’t been for the support of the wonderful Women on Fire who supported me through that process.

Jen celebrating with Andrea Dowding and Kellie Walters
the publication of Jen’s book at a Women on Fire tea party
in 2006 at The Waldorf-Astoria in NYC

Do you have a favorite or inspiring memory from a Women on Fire tea party, retreat or coaching group?
Every time I come to a tea party, I am blown away by the energy that is created by women who are willing to inconvenience themselves for the sake of growth, who will gather with a group of people who may start as strangers, but who quickly become friends, as though it had always been so.

What strategy keeps you going?
Not getting so attached to how opportunities show up, but instead, staying true to whether or not I’m saying “yes” to work that I love, that will benefit others, and develop my god-given talents.

What is the most rewarding connection you have made so far from Women On Fire?
There is a core group of women – including Debbie – around the country that I have bonded with, that, no matter how much time passes between our communications, are always there for me when I need them, and I for them. I am very grateful for their love and support.

Jen Madson and Kelley Black at tea party in 2007

What does being a part of Women On Fire mean to you?
It means so much – it is a mantra, an opportunity to honor myself and others, and a movement. It is extremely uplifting to be part of such a phenomenon.

What would you like to tell other Women on Fire about their own hopes and dreams?
Find your believers, your crew – that group of people who support you in whatever it is you’re up to that makes you better and that benefits others – and stay close to them.

The world is full of naysayers, and your dreams and hopes deserve a fighting chance, which they’ll get when you’ve got others around to keep you pointed toward them. The journey to excellence is not one you have to travel alone.

(Photos and collage by Shannon McCaffery)