Found Your Spot, Yet?

Hello and brrrrrrr from Naples, Florida.

You do not need to feel sorry for me one bit, but I am c-o-l-d!
In the 10 years since we designed our life with Florida as our winter home, I’ve never felt it so frigid that I’ve had to wear my winter coat, socks and gloves. But I have all week!

Even our indoor cat Wilber who loves Florida because he gets to go outside in his screened-in “catatarium” took one sniff this morning in the 35-degree chill…

And, then begged to come back inside!

Given that many of you are likely surrounded by snow and ice and freezing temperatures and have been for the past weeks, I thought we needed to have a little fun in today’s Spark!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned five questions you might ask yourself for a more fulfilling, rewarding life?  And, told you we’d talk about them in future issues?

Well, here we are.  And, the first of those five questions was:
* Am I living in the location of my dreams?

In other words, do you live in your geographic home, the place you most resonate to?  The area of the world you feel most energized in and that suits you?

As a coach, I hear from people all the time who say the location they feel their best is near water or by mountains, or on the West Coast or East Coast, or in Italy or Australia.  Sadly, and quite often, these same people don’t live anywhere near where they wish.

As often, I hear from people who aren’t sure where their “geographic home” is.  So, if you want to get an idea of where your perfect location is in the United States, there is a terrific website with a free “perfect spot locator” called Find Your Spot.

Even if you’re living in your dream location, it’s fun to see all the possibilities where you also might live a deeply fulfilling life.

Have fun! And, as always, meet me on our blog and share your thoughts and  insight.

Living in my “geographic homes” of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and Naples, Florida has been richly satisfying and rewarding.

That said, I’m going to give Naples a few more days to warm up — or Hawaii may have to become my top hot spot!