Pants On the Ground!

Hugs to you from Naples, Florida where it is finally warm again.  I stuck my winter coat back into the closet, and I’m crossing my fingers it stays there!

Last week I watched the words “Pants on the Ground” ping across Facebook and Twitter like some sort of a secret code.  All I could decipher was a sense of delight and amusement. I had no idea what it meant — or that it would relate to Women on Fire —  until I saw the video…

Now I know, what you and so many others may have seen on American Idol!  And, here’s how “General” Larry Pratt and his catchy “Pants on the Ground” chant relates to being a Woman on Fire:

Mr. Platt, 62, obviously had a dream to be on American Idol.  Few probably took him seriously.  Who knows how long he’d been out there sharing “Pants on the Ground” with anyone who would listen?  Success to be on television certainly was not stacked in his favor.

And, as Simon Cowell so “kindly” pointed out:  “you’re a little bit over the age limit, which is 28.”

But here’s what Mr. Platt had mountains of:
•    Excitement
•    Enthusiasm
•    Joy
•    Determination
•    A message he wanted to share
•    Indomitable spirit

As a woman on fire, when we express excitement and enthusiasm about our dreams, we create a force-field around ourselves to make it come true.

And, that is exactly what Mr. Platt did. By the end of the video, Randy Jackson was dancing with him; an entire room of people were singing and bopping to “Pants on the Ground”; the world of social media buzzed with the song title; and in my own household the tune plays over and over in our heads!

Even Simon had to concede: “I don’t think this is going to be the last we hear about you, Larry.”

Marianne Williamson reminds us: “Do not stop before the miracle.”

“General” Larry Platt certainly didn’t.  And, I hope you won’t either  — whatever your dream, no matter how insignificant, crazy, unrealistic you think it is.  If you’re wanting something deep in your soul, hop over to our blog and share it.

You just never know what you might start — or what might happen!