Video Book Review: The Girls From Ames

Rob and I spent our weekend hosting the annual group Vision Day in Naples, Florida.  People came from all over (mostly the cold North!) to craft a vision for their dreams and a plan to move forward in their lives.  I truly believe every Woman on Fire needs to have a plan to know where she’s going!

Now, I’m packing to leave the warmth of Florida and head to New York City where I will be attending Carole Hyatt’s annual dinner for 100 women.  I love Carole’s events for the fabulous women I always meet and connect with.

Hope you enjoy this week’s book video and recommendation. Find out how reading The Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow inspired me to accomplish something I’d been wanting to do for at least a decade!

If you cannot see the video, or if it does not play, please click here

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