Sorry, Wilber…it’s a girl-thing

Wilber trying to disguise himself as a book to go on my LA trip!

Before I finish packing my bags for Los Angeles this week (yes, that’s Wilber being his typical self trying to squeeze in to go, too!), I have some exciting news.

ABCNews invited me to submit an article that would be both inspiring and empowering for the people who read their spirituality website.

Many of you reading The Spark! were the first to hear about “My Terrible Scare” a few months ago.  In it, I shared my experience of a doctor indicating I had aggressive thyroid cancer — when I didn’t — and the strategies I used to get through the frightening experience.

More of you than I ever imagined responded to that particular Spark! and told me of your own scares, worries and medical challenges.  (Thank you.  I love hearing from you and continuing the conversation on this blog)

So, I thought it was worth expanding upon the subject of what to do if you have a medical scare.  ABCNews did, too.  And, this week featured my expanded, updated article here.

I tell you this because my vision is to connect as many great women to each other as possible through Women On Fire.  I want women everywhere to have the inspiration, strategies and support to get through whatever it is you are going through.  And, to create a life you can be “on fire” about!

Several issues ago, I wrote about having a theme for your year. For those of you who created one for yourself, how are you doing with it? What are you noticing? How is it helping?

And for those of you who didn’t have time then, here is the post so you can learn more.

My own theme this year is my biggest personal challenge of all.  One I’m sure at least one or two of you will relate to;-)

Asking for help.

And, even though I know intellectually that growing an organization like Women On Fire requires help from colleagues and participants; and that I advise people to get support for their own projects; and that I am getting better at asking for help on the big stuff around Women on Fire, it is still very hard for me to ask for some of the small things that will help us grow and reach more women.

So, putting my fear of asking aside, I would love your help in connecting with more women like you.

If you know of other fabulous women you want to bring into our circle of smart, dynamic, open-hearted, engaging women who have big dreams inside of themselves just like we do, I hope you might consider doing just one (or more, don’t let me stop you!) of these things:

1)    Go to the ABCNews website and comment on the article called “My Terrible, Transforming Scare.”
2)    Share the article on any of your preferred social media sites (especially Facebook and Twitter)
3)    Email the ABCNews article or any SPARK! to a fabulous woman in your life who might enjoy it…and even be served by it.
4)    Encourage a great woman in your life to join our circle by registering at to receive the free CD “7 Mistakes Preventing You From Being a Woman on Fire”
5)    Accept a big hug from me for being part of our thriving and ever-expanding group of women helping each other through the rough spots and cheering each other on to express our gifts, strengths and talents in the world!

Thank you.

OK, back to packing.  I hope I can pry Wilber out of the suitcase where he is now asleep snoring.  He loves to fly (even has his own JetPaws frequent flier account) and he’s all geared up, thinking he’s going to LA!  Sorry, pal.  Not this time.  It’s mostly women stuff.

I look forward to hearing how you are doing with your theme in the comments section below.