Savoring Sisterhood

Savoring time with Women on Fire® Event Producer Angela Ittu

LOS ANGELES – I traded one warm coast for another and traveled last week from Florida to California.  I wish each one of you were here with me (if you weren’t already!)

Because, over the past four days, I have spent it in the company of fabulous women.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my husband and I love men!  But for me there is nothing more uplifting than the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration I receive when I am with vibrant, positive women.

First up was a Women on Fire Tea Party in Santa Monica in which 15 phenomenal women told each other their hopes and plans and what they are “on fire” about in their lives.  All walked away with new friends and new connections to support their goals and dreams.  Once again at a tea party, I was in awe of the open-hearted goodness of women coming together without competition, comparison or criticism.

Then, I spent the day with Women on Fire event producer Angela Ittu at the luxurious resort Shutters on the Beach.  Lunching and sinking into the celebrity haven’s big couches, we pored over plans and details for the exciting, upcoming Women on Fire Retreat in Chicago on April 23-24.  (For your own experience of meeting new women, taking your life up a notch or two, and being inspired, you are invited to attend! Registration is now open.)

Finally, for the past two days, along with 400 other women, I’ve been with spiritual leader Marianne Williamson at her event, Sister GiantAngela and I met up at Sister Giant with other “women on fire” including Susan Glavin, who is a co-author in the Women on Fire book.  Even though we’d worked on the book together, it was our first time to actually meet in person!

The Women on Fire network was hard at work over the weekend.  While we were in Los Angeles, two other Women on Fire book co-authors M.E. Jones and Laurie Forster, the Wine Coach®, were collaborating at events in Alpena, Michigan.  There is no stopping powerful women who have dreams and passions, and I am dazzled daily by the ways Women on Fire are helping each other!

Back in Los Angeles, Marianne showed a profound  HBO film about the Women’s Suffrage Movement called Iron Jawed Angels.  I was stunned that even I who had been involved politically did not know this history of Women’s Voting Rights.  And, that during the Woodrow Wilson administration more than 200 women went to jail so that today I have the right to vote.  Powerful. Astonishing.  And, deeply moving to watch and discuss in the company of 400 other women.

So, I am leaving California with such a sense of camaraderie and determination about my work and life.  I feel so filled and inspired by the women I spent time with and by all that I learned from them.

How do you feel after being with “sisters” who understand, listen, share your history as a woman, and who are here to cheer you on?

If your “sisterhood quotient” is low, I hope you can find the time soon to get that extra boost that dynamic women with loving, caring hearts and souls can provide.

If your “sisterhood quotient” is high, please go to the comments section below and tell us about it!