She’s Got Your Back…

“If you see a woman going for it, you jump in there and help her!”Marianne Williamson

Helloooooo, all of you angels out there…

And, welcome to you joining The Spark! after I met you at events last week in Los Angeles and those of you in Michigan from seeing Woman on Fire M.E. Jones on the cover of Women2Women Magazine.  I am so happy you’re here.

Last week I feel I barely surfaced for air!

We are at work on plans for the upcoming Women on Fire Retreat with Stedman Graham and Janette Barber in Chicago April 23-24, 2010, and I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  From your emails and calls, I know many of you have registered or are planning to – and nothing thrills me more.


Because the difference it makes when we gather together, share our lives and dreams, have fun and receive support is monumental and transformational.

Even if you’re shy, just being in the energy of so many inspiring, supportive women feels amazing.

Women on Fire was created on the foundation of The Big Three: inspiration, strategies and support.  Having these present in our lives transforms us so we can more easily and successfully move toward what we want.

And, the greatest of these three pillars is SUPPORT.  Think about all of the times you are working toward something big or important.  Or you were stuck in a transition or trapped by a horrible set of circumstances.

What was the “tipping point” that allowed you to succeed or make it through?

I bet it was the person who cheered you on; or the one who believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself; or the soul who jumped in beside you, offered you hope and substance, and stayed with you until you made it to the finish line.

Last week alone I witnessed the joy of how support can transform a woman’s life.

I don’t have to tell you how difficult these financial times and conditions are for many people right now.  And, there were two women wanting with all their hearts to travel to Chicago to attend the Women on Fire Retreat.

Both had faced and survived very tough times in the past year (job loss, divorce, foreclosure) and were short on funds. Yet, they were patching together what resources they had, while remaining positive, upbeat, full of life and with dreams “to go for it.”

All I did was put out the call.  The support for their $297 tuition from two generous women (one who had known divorce and the other bankruptcy) came through immediately.

It was just the “tipping point” and boost each woman needed to be able to attend!

The donors felt honored to give and the recipients were thrilled and grateful (with one saying she looked forward to returning the favor for another woman in the future).  I was ecstatic to see how our Women on Fire community continues to back each other with many different ways of support.

The late M. Scott Peck, M.D. opened his best-selling book The Road Less Traveled with these words: “Life is difficult.”

I prefer to believe when we gently place our hand on the back of another woman…life doesn’t have to be so hard.

See you in Chicago!

P.S. If you have a story of how you’ve received support from another Woman on Fire and how it affected you, I hope you will share her and it with us in the comments section below.  Your stories and experiences are sometimes the gentle supporting hand on the back our readers need.