Today I’d like to share with you an article I wrote in honor of Mother’s Day for where I am now a regular contributor.

You can find the article “Spiritual Mothers” by clicking here

While I am very fortunate to still have my own vibrant, delightful mother and I love her dearly, the story I wrote for is about the profound difference my “spiritual mother” Libby Bradford made for me.

Libby in 1987

Maybe you’ve had such a woman in your life?  Or, you serve as a spiritual mother to other women? Either way, the relationship of spiritual mother and daughter is an extraordinary and sacred one.

The support, wisdom and caring I received from Libby occurs often between and among Women on Fire, and I am always delighted when I see and hear about the many moving stories of your support for one another.

Your thoughts are important to me and for us all. I hope you’ll feel free pass along this article to other women in your life and to comment on this key topic of  “spiritual motherhood” at the site or in the comments section of this blog.