Who believes in you?

I am in New York City after another fun, inspiring and unforgettable Women on Fire Tea Party.  There were so many wonderfully talented women attending for the first time.  And, they were joined by regulars such as Holly Getty who has attended every single NYC tea party and Shannon McCaffery who has photographed nearly every tea since 2004!

As if I couldn’t get any luckier, I’m now on my way to Columbus, Ohio for a tea party there hosted by Andrea Dowding and Jerry Browning!

Check out the energy and beautiful faces from the New York tea party:

The reason everyone looks so happy is because we’d just spent three hours talking about our lives and what we are “on fire” about!  It was a chance for each woman to speak from her heart and to receive support for her struggles, her triumphs, her plans for the future.

After more than a dozen years coaching women individually, I wish I had a dollar for each time a woman said to me, “I wish I believed in myself half as much as you believe in me.”

(Guaranteed we’d have enough money I could treat each one of you to a spa weekend!)

When other people authentically believe in you, it helps you to see how far you’ve come and what is possible — and it provides much-needed fuel for you to move forward.

During the year and seven months I was compiling and writing the Women on Fire book, I read the praise of Janette Barber’s foreword nearly every single day to stay motivated and on my path.  Her belief in me inspired me to live up to what I wanted to be capable of!

The power of getting together regularly with women who will listen to your dreams and cheer you on (Women on Fire Aspiration #2) will greatly boost your confidence and belief in yourself.

I know from experience being surrounded and supported by warm and caring women has — and continues — to keep me strong and accomplishing much more with their support than alone on my own.  Something to consider:

Who believes in you?

What does that do for you?

Can you think of a time when someone’s belief in you helped you move forward?

Who do you believe in?  (Have you told her lately?)

You know I love hearing what you think.  Feel free to share your answers and thoughts in the comments section below.