Cheers to the Divas

I just walked in the door from having brunch with some of my very favorite women!

They are a group of nine wine enthusiasts who are friends and call themselves Divas Uncorked.  This year they celebrate their 10th year together as “sisters who sip!”

What I love about the Divas is how they embody what it means to be a Woman on Fire.  They have a passion (theirs just happens to be for wine), and they live full out in connecting with others to share their joy and knowledge of being “wine savvy, not wine snobby.”

They travel the world, host wine dinners and events, and even have their own private label wine.  By joining forces in such a dynamic way, they also have been able to support issues important to them and give back to others.

The nine partners of Divas Uncorked (with a couple of admirers) always look so chic when they wear matching outfits at their events. (Photos by Jamie Eslinger)

The Divas many causes include the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the slow-food movement.  They are even sponsoring a young woman who is training to become a sommelier, and her goal is to become the first African American Master Sommelier.

It all began when one Diva – Stephanie Browne – invited her friends to start “what looks like a book club, only we talk about wine.”

Divas Uncorked Founder Stephanie Browne and I chatting at the brunch

Their mission soon became to urge vintners and sommeliers to pay more attention to women and African-Americans in their marketing of wine.  Today, the Divas inspire other women to start their own wine groups and even have a guide for how to do that on their website.

I love these women.  They are such women on fire!

Debbie Phillips, Founder, Women on Fire with Carolyn Hebsgaard
With one of my cherished Diva  friends Carolyn Hebsgaard

I first met the wonderful Divas several years ago when Woman on Fire Laurie Forster, the Wine Coach®,  and I attended one of their inspiring events.  I saw right away that they were women who uplifted each other and all those around them.

In turn, the Divas introduced me to their dear friend Jamie Eslinger, who has become a Woman on Fire and now plays an integral role in our organization.

Women on Fire Founder Debbie Phillips with Woman on Fire Jamie Eslinger
Here I am with Jamie Eslinger toasting our connection to the Divas

I say “cheers” to what women connecting with each other in inspiring and positive ways can accomplish!  Thank you, Divas, for being such a shining example.

As the women discovered in creating Divas Uncorked, do you have a passion that could flourish by starting or joining a group?  Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.


If you live in the Santa Fe area or have fabulous women friends there, be sure to tell them about the Women on Fire Tea Party coming up there on August 26.  A tea party southwestern style is quite a treat!

May your week ahead be filled with great cheer ~