Do you need balance in your life?

Did you have a good weekend?

I had a particularly rejuvenating one with my husband Rob in Naples, Fla.  I’ll share more below about a strategy I use to keep some balance in my life, and I believe it could help you, too.

Rob and I celebrate a getaway weekend (and Sherrie Russell’s
wedding, too)!

But first…

A special shout-out to the inspired women in Columbus, Ohio attending the Women on Fire Tea Party there last week.  Thank you, Andrea Dowding and Jerry Browning for recreating our signature tea parties with such love, care and success in my beloved hometown.

Attendee Kim McBriarty Dettmer, creator of Little Hands Artwork, knocked my socks off when I read her blog post describing her first experience at the Columbus Women on Fire tea party.

Rosemary Nickel of Tampa had encouraged Kim to drive three hours  from her home in Berea, Ohio to Columbus to attend.  Women on Fire cheer on the successes of other women and Rosemary, leader of Motivating Other Moms, is exemplary in supporting and connecting women with great resources.  Be sure to read Kim’s post!

So, here’s how I spent the weekend and one way I create balance in my life…

A few years ago, Rob and I instituted “sacred weekends” for ourselves.  It meant that one weekend a month we do not accept any invitations or make any plans – unless we are both in agreement that we’re going to venture out.

It has proven the single, most powerful gift we give ourselves on a regular basis, and when we fail to honor our Sacred Weekend, I know I suffer.

Many of you have “date nights” and that, too, is an extremely important ritual.  And, for those of you who are not currently in a relationship, please know “date nights” and “sacred weekends” – quality time for yourself and a loved one — are for you, too.

Here is the structure that Rob and I have found helpful for our Sacred Weekends:

  • We set aside the time in advance. I always know when the next Sacred Weekend will be. For 2011, we’ve decided to lay out the calendar of Sacred Weekends for the entire year.
  • We make a pact about when and how much we use our electronic devices.  We set up that understanding and expectation to ensure we have time together to truly connect.
  • We catch up on any conflict that has been bubbling. (Yes, a good thing! And we use the same conflict resolution techniques we teach our Vision Day clients.) Constructive conflict is essential to a healthy relationship.  Our lives are so jam-packed that it is often hard to stop and take the time to resolve issues.
  • We have a list of easy activities we love to do together. Walk on the beach with coffee in hand.  Photograph nature. Browse a bookstore. Eat out at our favorite restaurants. Go to the movies. Lie on the couch together and read. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – or even cost a dime. Just time where we can really be together.
  • We sleep in. It is always a gift to me when Rob breaks his daily habit of getting up around 5:30 AM to start his day.

Sacred Weekend walk on the beach last weekend with my favorite
French vanilla coffee (and my guy!)

For this month’s Sacred Weekend we agreed to travel to Naples for time alone and to attend the beautiful beach wedding of our dear friend Sherrie Russell.  (One of Sherrie’s goals several years ago at her Vision Day was to find the man of her dreams.  She found him in Kyle!) It was a delightful  evening under palm trees and stars spent with many of our friends from the Glazer-Kennedy organization.

Sherrie Russell and Kyle Sokolowski after their sunset wedding!

Rob captured me having fun admiring Sherrie and Kyle’s beach-inspired wedding cake!

And, as much as I love Wilber (and you know I do!) it was four days pet-free without any responsibility and four days of just plain fun and ease in quiet, sunny Naples.

Sorry, Wilber. Not this time! It’s a Sacred Weekend getaway.

Few things recharge me like our Sacred Weekends and this past weekend was primo.
I’m amazed how truly relaxed, centered and closer to Rob I feel.   I am reinspired and ready to take on the week — and the month!

How about you?  Do you have a tried-and-true strategy to rejuvenate and connect with your loved ones — and recapture some of the balance in your life?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Have a GREAT week!