Women on Fire® Names Marketing Director

Women on Fire is catching fire.

(But you knew that!)

In 2003, we launched Women on Fire with a few dozen women (and men!) who gathered in New York City to celebrate Irene O’Garden’s powerful one-woman play Women on Fire.

From that inspired evening, we have grown into an organization of 2,000 women cheering each other on to live more extraordinary lives.

To bring our special brand of inspiration, strategies and support to even more women – our goal is 50,000 – I personally wanted to share with you some very exciting news.

Marketing executive Jamie Eslinger has joined us as the Director of Marketing and Communications.   She will launch the Each One Reach One program that will allow us to serve many more women.

You can read all about her professional experience in the press release:

Many of you met Jamie last spring at the Women on Fire Retreat in Chicago.  She organized the many sponsors for the event and created the celebrated “Greatie Bag” that many of you still mention to me!

Women on Fire Founder Debbie Phillips with Ja
mie Eslinger

I selected Jamie because she has the perfect set of personal and professional skills to help us significantly expand our reach to support many more women. And, having grown up in women’s colleges and worked with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, she is a true Woman on Fire!

Jamie joins our amazing team that includes the expertise of coaches Andrea Dowding and Jerry Browning; event producer Angela Ittu; executive assistant/tea party coordinator Blue Cullen; editor Kacy Cook; and tea party leaders M.E. Jones and Christine Wagner.

In addition, original Women on Fire members from 2003 serve as leaders/speakers/photographers/filmmakers: Janette Barber, Laurie Forster, Lori Phillips Gagnon, Holly Getty, Shannon McCaffery and Meredith Paige.

You are welcome to be in touch with Jamie at Jamie@BeAWomanOnFire.com

Thank you for being a part of our growth here at Women on Fire. I wish for you to always have the inspiration, strategies and support to live the life you dream of!

With love,


Debbie Phillips
Women on Fire®