Texas Starry Good Night!

After wending our way across the country yesterday, me from Martha’s Vineyard and Jamie Eslinger, Women on Fire’s Marketing and Communications Director from Twin Falls, Idaho, we are happily tucked in to our little corner of paradise here at the fabulous Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas.

For Women On Fire who are already here or on your way, I am looking forward to seeing you very soon.

I’ll write more as the week goes by, but I thought I would give you a flavor of this marvelous place with a few videos and pictures we took.


Check out what our very first activity was after we arrived. You won’t believe it!


Jamie and I pre-manicure
Jamie and I post mani-pedi…we are already in Heaven!
A dining room that feeds the eyes and spirit
Trellised walkways for a meditative stroll
Lake Austin Spa –blue skies and burbling water calms the senses

And as a special treat (as if we need an excuse), both Jamie and I will have as our nightcap spa service a “Texas Starry Night,” one of my  favorite spa treatments of all time. Here is  the description…


Hmmmm, I better post this now, because once the treatment is over, there will be nothing but blessed, deep, restorative sleep.

I’d love to know what your favorite restorative treatment is, and so would the other Women On Fire who read this. So please let us know in the comments section below.

Nighty Night!