How I learned to walk on water

I walked on water.

Or, biked on water actually in flip-flops, and didn’t even get wet!  It was my first time hydro-biking and I must say it was an amazing experience and a great way to greet the day and rev up at Lake Austin Spa Resort for my speech about conquering fear.


Speaking of fear, Jamie conquered her fear of the water by taking a paddle board lesson from our expert instructor Tom. (Who will be appearing in an upcoming Matthew McConaughey movie!)

Want to learn more about hydro-biking or paddle boarding? Check out these videos and photos from the morning.

Do you have a strategy to start your morning energized and ready to go?   Being out on the water first thing in the morning sure was a great change of pace!

Thank you for coming along to the spa with us this week.  Please stay tuned for more spa updates.

Debbie wakes up to the water
I felt like a giant bumble bee in my life preserver.  Better safe than sorry …and wet!

View from the bike
Here I am in the middle of the lower Colorado River on my hydro-bike. You can’t see but there are turtles and fish popping up around me.

Hydrobiking on the Colorado River is a piece of cake!


Jamie’s first time out on a paddle board. She is standing tall and strong!