Adios, Fear! Time to send it packing.

Hello again from Lake Austin Spa Resort.

While enjoying my stay, I also led a group of wonderful women on fire like you through the key components of vanquishing fear, including what it is and why we have it.  I will explain a little more in this video.


Guess what? We all fear something. Moving through fear is the most important way to conquer it. So, check out one simple strategy on how you, too, can approach your fear head on and send it packing.

1.  F.E.A.R. has been described as “Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real” — that’s because fear is a fantasy of what “could” happen if you speak in public, make a mistake, or go it alone without a spouse or partner — just three of fears I often hear about from women.

2. Try to think about the worst case scenario of your fantasized fear. What is the worst possible result you fear? Meditate on what could happen and imagine all the terrible outcomes that pop into your head.

3. Then, place a realistic percentage on that worst case scenario happening.  Is it 2% or 20% that you may fall off the stage when speaking in public?  Now, put a strategy in place to help you through your fear based on the percentage of it really happening.

4. Plan what action you’d take should your worst fear happen.  Often, the grip of fear is lessened when you know what you’d do and you see the chances are (most often) quite slim of disaster striking.

Stay tuned, there are even more healthy and helpful tips to come from our adventurous spa week!

If you would like to find out more about Sophfronia Scott’s book that I mentioned in the video — How The Fierce Face Fear — or to order your own copy, please click here.