Where’s your happy place?

Do you have a favorite place that brings light into your life just by walking in the door?

Those of you who’ve visited me on Martha’s Vineyard or live here know that a trip to Morning Glory Farm can turn an upside-down day right side up!  I call it my “happy day place.”


Morning Glory Farm Summer 2010

I searched my brain today for an excuse to go there – as though I would need one!

Here’s why I love this grown-up farm stand.  Samples of zucchini, carrot coconut or banana bread – fresh from the oven — greet you along with tastings of hot or cold cider.  Fresh, organic fruit and vegetables spill out over wooden tables.  Flowers, pumpkins, gourds find room on the shelves. The salad bar raises the bar on the freshest ingredients imaginable.

But the very best part?  Cranky people stay home! The atmosphere and the energy of Morning Glory’s farmers, helpers and customers is positive and joyful.  It just feels plain good to be there!


Path leading to Morning Glory entrance where inside all good things happen

Going to Morning Glory also leads me to eating healthier and cook in a way a normal store doesn’t inspire me to.

Today, for instance, I gathered up Morning Glory’s straight-from-the-field, organic root vegetables — fingerling potatoes, carrots in orange, purple and white, brussel spouts, baby beets and summer squash.  I mixed it all with  2 T. olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic and fresh thyme; baked it in a sheet pan for 30 minutes at 425 degrees, stirring at least twice.  Outta this world, if I do say!


My special new Root Veggie Melange

I’d love to hear about a place that is so special to you that you can’t help but be happy when you walk in!