May I interest you in a Limpopo?

Happy end-of-Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you have room for one more sweet!

After all that we Americans ate over these past few days, you might think I’m a little crazy to even bring up F-O-O-D.

These delights fly off the shelves at State Road Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard

But I am eager and excited to share a story about one woman’s simple, creative genius and what it led to.  And it just so happens to involve sugar donuts.  So forgive me if you are too full to continue reading.  I’ll understand.

In the world of Women on Fire, one of the 20 aspirations to live an extraordinary life is:  I recognize my creativity as a gift to be protected, valued and nurtured.

Here is a woman who took that aspiration to heart.

Debbie Phillips Founder Women On Fire With Mary Kenworth Owner State Road RestaurantDebbie Phillips Founder Women On Fire With Mary Kenworth Owner State Road Restaurant
Here I am cheering on Mary Kenworth (left) and her signature Limpopo

A while back Mary Kenworth was reading a book and came upon the name of a river in Africa called The Limpopo.  The very name inspired her and she was hoping to read more in the book about The Limpopo.  But nothing.  The name, however, stayed with her.  The dreaminess of the word had her imagining people saying to each other: “let’s meet at Limpopo.”

A restaurateur in business with her husband Jackson, Mary found “Limpopo” so evocative that she decided she must attach it to something “beloved” in the restaurant.  So, she collaborated with the pastry chef at their exquisite (and our favorite!) restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard called State Road.

The Limpopo — a light and fluffy, warm, sugary, cinnamony brioche donut without the hole — was born.

And, this is the part I love.  Mary turned her creative thought about a river in Africa into the reality of a “beloved” treat for her patrons, and Limpopos are now the runaway, best-selling item at State Road!

Today I saw a man wait patiently for 20 minutes for a fresh batch of Limpopos. He breathed a happy sigh of relief when our friend Sydney Bender, who works at State Road and is also food writer for Edible Vineyard Magazine, brought out a fresh, hot batch from the oven.

Now you see and then you won’t! Sydney Bender brings out a fresh basket of Limpopos

Even my mother Mary Lue Phillips who is an expert baker had to have one and delighted in attempting to discover what makes Limpopos so exquisitely delicious and special.


What creative thought or idea is currently rolling around in your head that is calling you to bring it to life?

In a similar way that Mary was inspired with the word “Limpopo” and followed her interest, what notion of yours could be transformed into something possibly tangible, profitable, and uplifting for you, your family, your world?

I look forward to reading your comments and hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.

Much love,