Great Start 2011: 5 Ways To Powerfully Begin The New Year

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions!

People make them on January 1 and by January 11, sadly, resolutions are often gone, a dream wished for and not a goal or plan on track for success.

You deserve to have your dreams and goals, and there are proven ways to achieve them.

After 15 years of successfully coaching people to meet their goals and realize their dreams, here are five of the many methods I teach Women on Fire and the ones I personally use to live the life I want.

NPR Talk Show Host Ann Fisher of WOSU Radio in Columbus, Ohio recently interviewed me about these strategies. About midway through this interview, we discuss these 5 Powerful Ways to Start Your New Year.


This week is a wonderful time to take account of the past year and develop your goals — a specific plan for your “resolution” — for the next. 

Enjoy!  And, let me know what your theme is for 2011.