How do you support the women in your life?

In the world of Women on Fire, supporting and cheering on the greatness, talent and success of other women is key to their success — and your own.  I was on the lucky end of that action recently when life coach, media personality, psychologist Terri Cole recommended me to Hana Kamm, founder of She’  A big thank you to Terri.  You are a true and fabulous example of generosity in supporting other women. (And, kudos to Hana, too, for creating such an inspiring site for women!!)

In this video I share 5 of several mistakes that keep women from being on fire — and truly living the lives we dream of!

Want to know the mistakes so you can avoid them?  Watch here:

(When you visit, be sure to click on Terri Cole’s video as well as Woman on Fire Gloria Feldt’s, too!)

Posted via email from Debbie Phillips