Your spirits need a boost?

Hi there from Martha’s Vineyard where I’ve just returned from a Women on Fire Tea in Boston and from speaking on the Tory Johnson women  entrepreneurs Spark and Hustle Tour.  So exciting seeing — and meeting for the first time! — so many of you.

Here I am with ABC’s Good Morning America Workplace Correspondent Tory Johnson. In Boston with her, I spoke about my father’s legacy and the 4 Stages of Entrepreneurship.

Remember that Barbra Streisand song? The one with the lyrics about people who need people are the luckiest people in the world?

Well, last week’s Women on Fire activities further solidified my deep belief that when we connect to each other in a soul-satisfying way, our spirits lift and the path to success becomes much easier.  Barbra’s right: we need each other!

Here are just a few examples from last week alone of Women on Fire supporting each other and raising spirits:

* Oprah’s personal party planner and A Perfect Event CEO Debi Lilly and Women on Fire book co-author and The Wine Coach Laurie Forster combined their entertainment expertise and collaborated on a show Laurie hosted on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius XM. (They literally raised spirits! 😉

* Women on Fire in Boston gathered for tea. And, it seemed no matter what the challenge anyone shared, women in the group reached out with a resource, an idea, a word of encouragement.

Attendee Sara Schaeffner said it best: “It was a pleasure to take time to just be with other women, to listen, to share, and to receive unconditional support. There is no other forum in my life that offers such an opportunity or even comes close. Lovely.”

New friendships were formed and ideas shared at the exquisite Women on Fire Tea in Boston. Pictured here: Sandhya Malur, Judy Warner, Terri Abbate, me!, Marianne Weichselbaum , Sara Schaeffner and Julie Hall. (Jamie Eslinger photo)

* In Columbus, Ohio, Women on Fire co-sponsored a Women’s Fund of Central Ohio event featuring Goldie Hawn.  Afterward, Women on Fire Leaders Jan Allen and Andrea Dowding hosted a gathering with The Ohio State University Assistant Vice President for Student Life Tracy Stuck, students and staff members. All Women on Fire! (Congratulations, too, to phenomenal Woman on Fire Nichole Dunn, the Fund’s executive director, for such a successful event.)

Ohio State University + fabulous women = Women on Fire! Congratulations Jan Allen, Andrea Dowding and Tracy Stuck for your leadership to lift up women especially those transitioning from college.

* I personally felt uplifted when Woman on Fire Dinneen Diette attended my speech in Boston. Seeing her in the front row and knowing she was cheering me on gave me the extra support I needed to share personal stories when speaking to a large audience. Thank you, Dinneen (and so many of you who attended and are joining this list for the first time!)

I finally had the joy of meeting in person long-time Woman on Fire Dinneen Diette.

So when your spirits are down, or you need a boost, simply reach out to another Woman on Fire.  Barbra Streisand is right — people need people.  And, Women on Fire need each other for inspiration, strategies and support.

Let me know if you and another Woman on Fire — or several — are collaborating or inspiring each other in some way that lifts your spirits.  I love hearing from you and learning the ways you’re receiving and giving support.

Feel free to head to the comments section below to share.