One sure way to your success is…

If you are super busy and only have a second to find out the answer to a sure way to your success, just take a look at the picture below!

And, if you have two seconds, please check out the video (below) I made for you from Orlando.

Some of our Women on Fire who joined me at Tory Johnson’s event in Orlando: Antoinette Sykes, Tory, me, Bonnie Marcus, Rosemary Nickel and Jamie Eslinger

That’s right…

Joining forces with other women to learn, share ideas and give each other support is one sure-fire way to keep your fire lit on your dreams.

I just returned from Orlando where I spoke to women at Good Morning America’s workplace contributor Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle conference.  My topic was The 4 Stages of Entrepreneurship — And How To Avoid the Bag Lady Syndrome.

The real magic happens at these kinds of events not only through listening to inspiring and provocative speakers but when women meet each other, learn from one another and cheer each other on.

It is the inspiration, strategies and support in action that I’ve received at phenomenal women’s events — such the Omega Institute’s Women + Power, any event with Marianne Williamson, or Maria Shriver’s women’s conference in California — that have made a huge impact to move my own life and work forward.

Every time I attend one of these kinds of gatherings, I want to bring you with me.

So I made a little video after Tory’s conference to give you a little flavor of the event and location.  It’s just me wanting to say hi to you:-)

For any of you feeling sad (that would be me, too) about Oprah’s final show to air this week, I have a few thoughts so that we may all feel a little better and step in to where she leaves off — stay tuned to this Blog and to the Spark!.