What kind of energy do you bring into the room?

How are things going in your life as a Woman on Fire?

Are you happy?  Feeling joy?  On your path to your greatness?

Here on Martha’s Vineyard this holiday weekend, I participated in a delightful celebration that inspired the best in me. I want to share the details with you so you, too, can bring this kind of joy into your own life.

Sharing the energy! Back row: Holly Getty, Dagmar Celeste, Ellen Wingard, Gina Vild; front row: Constance Goodwin, me; Blue Cullen

But first…

Last week you may have watched the final episode of Oprah.

She dedicated her last show to sharing a positive message of lessons learned and she sprinkled it with these favorites:

  • You are enough!
  • Being worthy is your birthright
  • I love you just because you are
  • You are responsible for your life

But my favorite — and the favorite of many of you who wrote to me after the show — was:

  • You are responsible for the energy you bring into a room.

Oprah adopted that notion from a book I highly recommend  — Stroke of Insight by Jill Nolte Taylor.  

In it, the author who is a brain scientist describes her ordeal of having a stroke and being left with only her intuitive, feeling side of her brain function.

From her experience, Dr. Taylor became highly attuned to the power of energy that someone brings into a room when they enter.  

Is the energy small, harsh, mean, fearful, reluctant, withholding?  Or is it friendly, caring, powerful, nurturing, sharing?

Back on Martha’s Vineyard, a group of us came together over the weekend to celebrate the birthday of another Woman on Fire – Ellen Wingard.

Some of the women knew each other and others did not.
Yet the energy that each woman brought into the room was passionate, positive and palpable!

What I realized afterward is that each of the women came into the room shining her light and offering her best energy.

Ronni Simon brought her beauty and creativity; Dagmar Celeste her keen wit and wisdom; Gina Vild her passion and gifts for literature and connection; Constance Goodwin arrived with her perserverence and openness; Holly Getty gave her unfettered joy and unconditional love; Blue Cullen came with her generosity and abiding loyalty; and Ellen Wingard, our surprised birthday girl, shared her deep presence and enthusiastic global citizenship.

After the celebration, I walked out a better person. 

I felt stronger, bolder in my determination about my life, and uplifted by all the new learning and awareness I had!  

The next time you enter a room, stop a brief moment.  Check yourself.  What is the energy you will bring?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.