Hello to you from New York City

Hello to you from New York City where (pinch me!) I am looking out over miles of lush green in Central Park.

A telescope in our room invites us to watch a dozen giant turtles jockey for position to bask in the sun on a log in a pond below!

The view from our 9th floor window at The Ritz-Carlton in New York City!

I am here celebrating my birthday, a date I am honored to share with at least two other amazing Women on Fire — Sandra Carlson and Lauren Wuscher.

For the first time ever, I managed to turn June 25 into five days of fun and adventure!

Fun in Times Square! You never know who you might meet.

And, after all the birthday surprises and treats my husband Rob arranged, from staying at The Ritz-Carlton to a Broadway show to a Jackie O-inspired facial, he now has more brownie points than he’s ever going to know what to do with.  Thank you, handsome man!!

Woman on Fire Holly Getty aided and abetted Rob to surprise me with an incredible facial!

Today’s SPARK! will be brief as I’m still in this beautiful city soaking up every last moment, and Rob and I are about to walk out the door to see the brand-new, acclaimed documentary “Buck,” the dazzling, uplifting and true story of the original horse whisperer Buck Brannaman.

Tomorrow I will write again.  I am so eager to share with you something exciting that my birthday has prompted me to do for myself in this upcoming year – and I hope it will give you ideas for your life, too.

What I’ll say for now is that I was inspired to create this particular vision and goal for myself because I know how clarity of purpose and a plan in place makes for great things to happen.

The real inspiration for my birthday wish-into-reality, however, came from two other Women on Fire – Pier Boutin and Jamie Eslinger.  Each of them is in the middle of a year’s challenge and joy toward her own inspiring dream — and that has motivated me to design my own.

More about Pier and Jamie tomorrow, too!

Before I go, I am so thrilled to learn how many more of you registered last week for the Women on Fire Day in Columbus, Ohio on September 30.

Can you imagine what a day of inspiration, strategies, support and fun would do for your life?  If you are excited to join us, I hope you’ll take advantage of the early-bird pricing and register today!

I hope you will make a beautiful wish for yourself today!