Sparks that lead to fireworks?

Happy 235th birthday to us all in the United States!  Close to home, in our extended family, candles glowed as Rob and I celebrated the 18th birthday of our beloved young Woman on Fire Anna Viragh.

Anna makes a wish on this holiday weekend. Do you remember your 18th birthday and your own hopes and dreams for your life? 🙂

If any holiday belongs to Women on Fire and The Spark!, it is this one.

Independence Day, fireworks, fun, family, friends, sleeping late, a long weekend, picnic food — all delights made in Heaven for a Woman on Fire!

To me, the little sparks that create the brilliant cascades of fireworks are visual reminders that it is the small steps toward your dreams that fan the flames into something much larger.

And, if I am to beam my dreams boldly and brightly into the world, I live for holiday weekends like this one to rest and rekindle my connections with people I love and activities that fill up my heart and soul.

But, in a fit of delusion last week, I declared this weekend would be spent productively — writing, finishing some projects, cleaning out closets and drawers and hanging pictures that have been leaning against the wall for … oh, a year or two.

I woke up Saturday morning and thought ‘who am I kidding?’  Forget it!

Instead, I’ve refilled my tank by sharing meals with close friends, celebratingAnna, catching up with my 88-year-old friend Trudy, reading from my towering stack of books, lounging with Rob and Wilber, and visiting our Farmer’s Market here on Martha’s Vineyard.

Fresh vegetable rolls and a smile this holiday weekend from my friend the celebrated Egg Roll Lady Thi Khen Tran at our always inspiring Farmers’ Market.

In the ‘being’ instead of the ‘doing’ this weekend, I can already feel the sparks of joy, connection and peacefulness providing me the comfy cushion I need in order to head back into the world on Tuesday!

After a weekend of wonderful moments — dazzling sparks, strung together — who knows what “fireworks” will come from it?

And last but not least…

I did enjoy a couple of hours of intense productivity, and Wilber graciously helped me out!

Wilber anchored the couch so I could take a LONG nap!

I’d love to hear about the “sparks” of your holiday weekend.  And, any remembrances from your 18th birthday! Please share with us in the comments section below.

Happy, happy Fourth of July!!