Video: Women on Fire sparkle in 2012!

Ready to say good-bye to 2012? And HELLO to a clean slate, brand-new, sparkly year?!

Before the calendar officially flips to 2013, I want to thank you for being a part of this phenomenal circle of fabulous women.

You and your big heart and desires for a better life keep me inspired and motivated every single day of the year!

Congratulations for your courage — day in and day out — to step up and transform your life.  And, for all the inspiration, strategies and support you share and exchange with your Women on Fire sisters.

I hope you will enjoy today’s SPARK! — a brief video review of our community in 2012.  You know how important I believe it is to celebrate and honor your year as a way to prepare for the new one.

Thank you to Jamie Eslinger for creating this video and for setting it to original music by the very talented singer/songwriter Meghan LaRoqueI hope you see yourself in it!

Savor a happy, relaxing, fun holiday over the next few days and …

I look forward to seeing you back here a week from now with a whole, new exciting year of plans for Women on Fire!