Here we go!

Did you have a good holiday?  Are you wishing for another few days off?  Me, too. Yet, I’m very excited to dive into this year!

My husband Rob and I “worked” — as we always do over the holiday break — to create a plan for a great year ahead.  And, if you don’t have a plan yet for your amazing year, it’s not too late.

I put “work” in quotes, because it isn’t really work when you transform your dreams into reality.  It just takes time and patience and some guidance.

My theme for 2013. (Ooops, no spell-check with that orange Magic Marker!)

We invented Vision Day, a strategic planning day for your work and life, 15 years ago, and it has been the foundation of our success year-after-year no matter what bumps in the road we hit along the way.

I hope you won’t get tired of me telling you how essential it is for you to have a plan! If you don’t, life just takes it course and you end up feeling one year melts into another and you’re not sure what you’ve accomplished.

Each year, Rob conducts my Vision Day; I conduct his; and then together we create a plan and theme for us as a couple.  (You can imagine it’s a little more lively when we’re both in charge during the couple’s Vision Day;-)

Because you mean the world to me and my work is to help you put your gifts and talents into the world, I’d love to bring you inside for a peek at my Vision Day.  And outline some easy, simple steps so you can set up your own terrific year.

(Women on Fire monthly members, you have detailed instructions for your Great Start 2013 in your January CD package.)

First, it’s important to take stock and celebrate what you accomplished — or even lived through and survived — last year.

Next, it’s time to think about what you really want in this year ahead and write it down as goals.  Even if it seems out-of-reach now.  You have 365 days to move toward it!  Be sure to write down a list of people you can call on to support you in your efforts.

Finally, create an overall theme to inspire and guide you with your biggest dreams.

So, this year, my Vision Day results were a bit of a surprise to me.  When I allowed myself the luxury to really dream and think about things I deeply want in my life, I discovered some BIG goals.

A few of them raised fear.  And then I asked myself: if not now, when?

I was even afraid that my theme, which came to me out of the blue and felt so perfect — “The Year of Magnificent Accomplishments” — would seem too grandiose.

And then I remembered Marianne Williamson’s letter from many years ago to a struggling Oprah:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

Marianne to the rescue at the perfect moment!

Rob and I then made a step-by-step plan for me to get where I want to go … and you can do that, too.  Here is where you can return each week for support and encouragement!

One of my gigantic goals is launching Women on Fire Media and publish at least one and maybe two books this year!

I have been wanting to do this for years — and after our last successful book — as a way for women to share their voices, inspiration and strategies with the world and in service of all women who need them.

Another big goal is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Women on Fire with style and fun next October.  It’s unbelievable to me that our very first Women on Fire gathering at the Cherry Lane Theater in New York City was 10 years ago already!

Were you there? 🙂 I remember how excited I was as the room filled with 77 attendees and I watched how people shared what they were “on fire” about with such joy and enthusiasm. And 10 years later, we are thousands of women strong!

I was afraid then, too.  And I received so much support that my dream was serving a valuable need that I just kept going. And planned each new year. And here we are together!

There are more big goals to share with you as the year unfolds and I look forward to hearing all about yours.

I’d love you to know that Rob (with help from Wilber!) came up with a great theme to guide his year too.

When you have a moment, please let me know your progress in the comments section below.