She’s a Woman On Fire! Meet Carrie Saba

Welcome back to our ongoing series to introduce you to each other. She’s a Woman on Fire! member and we want you to know her. Please say hello to…

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Carrie Saba

Westerville, Ohio
Member #00039
Member since: October 13, 2011

Please tell us about YOU, your family, your work, what you are “on fire” about, etc.

I am “on fire” about supporting and guiding others to live a life they love! I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio with my husband, Stephan, and two daughters, Skylar and Callie. As a health and lifestyle coach, I get the privilege of partnering with amazing people wanting to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

One of my passions is that I love finding and sharing random heart pictures; I enjoy traveling; and I am always up for trying something new. I am truly grateful for my life and try not to take things for granted.

How did you originally connect to Women on Fire?

I kept hearing the name Debbie Phillips from friends and acquaintances and after the fourth or fifth time, I decided to Google her. I connected with Debbie on LinkedIn and met her in person a year later.

I think Women on Fire is so special. I love the wide range of ages, the support, and overall energy of Women on Fire!

Your favorite part of the day is when____________.

I wake up before everyone else. I like the quiet before the hustle and bustle begins, because it gives me a sense of peace to start my day.

The last book you read that you would recommend to other Women on Fire?

One of my favorite books that I highly recommend is “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford. It’s a book that will help you grow, forgive, release and accept. It is powerful and transformational.

What is the one thing you are proudest of?

I am really proud of my marriage to Stephan and being a mom to Skylar and Callie. Stephan and I have been married 18 years. Like any marriage, we have had some trying moments, but I am proud to say we have been able to learn from each other, grow independently yet still together, find ways to support and challenge each other while being great friends and enjoying each other’s company.

Being a parent is one of the hardest, yet rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I have two loving, confident, strong, and independent girls, and I am so proud to be their mom.

If you had an unexpected free day (a “found” day), how would you spend it?

I would go hiking in Hocking Hills, Ohio. I really enjoy Hocking Hills and I don’t get there enough.

Your favorite city in the world?

I love Lake Tahoe. I have yet to find another place that can bring forth the feelings I get when I am in Tahoe. My soul craves time there. I love the smell of the pine trees, the crystal clear water, the huge rocks, hiking, and skiing. I lived there for a summer in college and have loved it ever since!

Name another Women on Fire who has inspired you, and why?

Muffy Vrana of Lincoln, Nebraska has inspired me with her wisdom, joy and spunk! I could sit and talk with her for hours. I call her one of the Wise Women on Fire.

If you had the opportunity to teach a child one strategy that would help to guide her life, what would that be?

Believe in yourself. It all starts from within. If we can believe in ourselves anything is possible . . .anything.

What is something that we might be surprised to learn about you?

I am an 80’s rock music lover. I love Def Leppard and have seen them a number of times in concert. I also love to have the windows down in my car, crank the tunes and sing. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Name three women who have influenced your life, and what you’ve learned from each.

The older I get the more I recognize how positively my mom has influenced my life. She is compassionate and caring and loves her family with all her heart. She has always encouraged me to have my opinion and use my voice. She gives me support, love and encouragement, even when some of my ideas are a little out there.

While I have added my own twist to motherhood, my mom has greatly influenced the way I parent my girls and I am forever grateful that she is my mom.

The next two females that have influenced my life are my daughters, Skylar and Callie. While they are only 14 and 11, I had to include them because they have inspired and influenced me in ways I never knew imaginable.

They have taught me lesson after lesson of the type of person I want to be and have helped to shape who I am today. They have challenged every cell in my body, and they have surprised me with their infinite wisdom at such young ages. They have encouraged me in ways I didn’t even know they were capable of doing and they have brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible.

Who cheers you on?

My friends and family cheer me on with their kindness, support and love. I get cards, notes, e-mails, texts and phone calls from friends and family encouraging me. I have consciously made the decision to surround myself with people that lift me up versus pull me down and I can feel their support even when I haven’t talked to them or seen them in a while.

I am so grateful for my friends and family because their “cheers” of support and love really make a HUGE difference in my life every single day.

What is your favorite “pig-out” food?

I get a spoonful of organic crunchy peanut butter, add dark chocolate chips on top, and enjoy 2-4 spoonfuls of this goodness.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Facing my fear of heights has been my biggest challenge. For years, I ignored it, I cried about it, it paralyzed me and then I decided to face it — one step at a time. In fact, I have written a chapter in the Women on Fire Book, Volume 2 detailing my entire experience with my fear of heights and how I overcame it.

Three big components to tackling it were to take small steps forward, to visualize I could do it, and to keep the faith that it was possible to overcome.

I realized I had officially overcome my phobia when I was able to rappel down the side of a 20-story building in downtown Columbus, Ohio!

What is your favorite self-care strategy?

Listening to my body when it needs a break is my favorite self-care strategy. Sometimes that means a 20-minute cat nap, watching a movie, meditating or changing plans because I am tired. I used to feel guilty when I would stop and take a break from the ongoing “list” of things to do, but I realized I am a much happier person when I take care of myself and then I can give more to others.

When you reflect on your life so far, what is the first word or two that comes to your mind?

Always learning.

More about Carrie Saba…

Carrie graduated with a BA from The Ohio University and received her coaching certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also certified through The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. As a health and lifestyle coach, Carrie works with her clients to make their lives a priority so they can live lives they love. Her website is:

Feel free to be in touch directly with Carrie at carrie.saba(at)yahoo(dot)com!

~ Compiled by Women on Fire Senior Writer Becky Adams