Writing from the heart

I don’t know how to even begin to thank you for your concern and support after my brother Steve’s death on September 11.  You’ve made such a difference by  surrounding me in a cocoon of love, and I continue to tap in to your incredible caring.

I will take my own advice and pare down some of my fall plans to give myself time to heal and to be with my family. Thank you so so much.

~ ~ ~

In the meantime, we are days away from the first copies of the brand-new Women on Fire book arriving!  Working with the co-authors in both our first and now our newest book reminded me of what many of them have said after authentically sharing their lives in their chapters.

It was life-changing and relieving to tell their stories!

So we will be talking over the next couple of months about writing your story — whether it’s a book, a chapter, a blogpost or a paragraph. Do you have a desire to share your hard-won wisdom?  If so, others are ready to learn from it!

Those of you who are part of the Women on Fire monthly membership program will hear inspiration, tips and strategies about writing your story in November from Nancy Aronie, author, NPR commentator and founder of the celebrated Chilmark Writing Workshop. You won’t believe the event that propelled Nancy into her amazing career where she has launched thousands of writers in the past 30 years ago.

The extraordinary Nancy Aronie during my recent interview with her.

So, I made a little video for you today just to say hi and to share the book that changed my life when I got serious about my own writing.



I hope this little “spark” will inspire you to think about what parts of your life you might want to share with family, friends or the world.  Stay in touch because Nancy will be sharing how to get started and so much more.

Have a wonderful week …I’m about to hop out the door and head to my home state of Ohio where I will get to see many of you!

Please comment below if you’ve always dreamed of writing a book and want to tell your life’s story.  We can start to explore it together!