What wonder awaits on the other side of the door?

There is so much excitement around here right now I can hardly sleep.

Women on Fire book co-authors Leah Hamilton and Linda Neff (Photo by Debi Lilly)

There was a fabulous book party hosted by one amazing Woman on Fire that featured two brilliant Women on Fire co-authors in Chicago last week!

And, in less than two weeks we will welcome more than 100 Women on Fire to Naples, Florida for our annual retreat — Ignite Your Life — and Soar!

It is a leap of faith each time a Woman on Fire steps up to take action on her life, hopes and dreams.

*This week’s Pinspiration*

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Insipration from Women on Fire- www.womenonfire.com

Each one of the 21 co-authors of our latest book burst through her own fears and concerns to write a chapter about a powerful, true experience that many people in her life may not have even known about. Each did so to help other women who may be faced with a similar challenge. That’s taking courageous action!

I also am inspired that many women coming to this year’s retreat will be attending their very first one.  I’m sure some of them are scared, wondering what will happen, who will they meet, will they belong, will it be worth their time, effort and expense?

But this did not stop them from moving forward!

What is important to know is that movement creates growth and change. It gets your juices and your life flowing.

Every decision you make toward something that appeals to you, or that you wish for, or even that you are a little scared of, you move to one of two places:

Either you’re glad you did it and it makes a difference for you — or you learn something important and decide you won’t do that again.  There is no way to make a perfect decision every time. And, sometimes the result is even better than you might have imagined!

If you sit back and ponder and think and wonder about the thing you think you might want, nothing happens. You stall out.

I remember the years between getting divorced and meeting my husband Rob. After numerous disappointing experiences with men, I decided I wasn’t going to date anymore.  I was going to wait it out and figure it all out in my head.

Thank goodness I had great support to help me reconsider that brilliant notion of mine. Had I sat on the sidelines and thought and wondered about a partner, I probably wouldn’t be in a relationship today. I had to just jump in the stream and swim.

So, it is a brave and bold step that some women have made to attend the retreat — without knowing for certain what wonder is on the other side of the door.

What I know for sure (thank you, Oprah!) is that any time Women on Fire gather in person — whether it is a book party in Chicago or a two-day retreat in Naples — it is an experience warm and loving, thoughtful and provocative, inspiring, uplifting and celebratory.

I was re-reading the other day Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly and her powerful 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living.  She reminds us how letting go of the need for certainly and letting go of self-doubt will transform our lives.

Congratulations to our retreat attendees for letting go of what might have held you back from coming  — and deciding just to go for it! I can’t wait to hear what you discover after you walk through the door 🙂

And, back to that Women on Fire book party in Chicago …

Thank you to celebrity party planner and Women on Fire member Debi Lilly, founder of A Perfect Event, who hosted the exquisite party last week for Leah Hamilton and Linda Neff in Chicago.

It was cold outside but deliciously warm inside where Debi created another of her magical parties featuring a signature Women on Fire cocktail and exquisite food such a Orange Blossom Torched marshmallow brushetta. In addition to the many guests, other Women on Fire members attending included Dana Frost, Kendall DeBoom, Cindy Clendenin and Debby Edwards.

The party was so elegant, fun and exciting that we’ll post more photos and recipes later this week on the blog.

For this week, I wish you clarity and ease in whatever decisions you make to move your life forward. Go for it!

Have a wonderful week ~


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