How a mom made a 10-year dream come true!

If you haven’t seen this video, please watch how this young mom makes a dream she’d held for 10 years finally come true.  (Warning: you will need a box of tissues!)

Click the image above to view the video or use this link.

After I watched this video, and cried, I kept thinking about Kellie Haddock of Orlando, Florida and her 10-year dream to thank the men and women who saved her baby son’s life.

How many dreams have been living inside of you for the past five years? Ten years? Twenty years?

Kellie shows us so powerfully how her dream happened and that it is never too late to pursue what is in your heart.  Recently, she said after years of dreaming her dream, “now the reality far exceeds the dream.”

Maybe you have a long-held dream that seems impossible or impractical; or a desire that you’re too fearful to pursue; or a wish that you barely remember because it’s been buried inside for so long.

You never know what’s going to happen when you put your dream out into the world.  Except chances are, when you act on your dream, you will touch someone — or many someones.  Just as Kellie did.

As of this moment, Kellie’s thank-you project video has been viewed YouTube by nearly three million people – and that’s in just one week!

Kellie’s 10-year dream actually launched an even bigger dream of hers.  Yes, she wanted to thank the medical personnel who helped her during her unimaginable tragic journey in 2004.  But what she really wanted is to make the world a better place.

And, isn’t that really the purpose of making your dreams come true?  To create a little bit of Heaven for someone else – or maybe the world?

“What if we all spent a little more time focusing on what’s right instead of what’s wrong?” Kellie wrote in her most recent blog post. “There’s no shortage of everyday heroes out there— let them know what they mean to you. How many people can we thank together?”

Kellie’s courage — to revisit her tragic story and make her long-time dream to thank people who are rarely, if ever, thanked come true — most likely transformed her life — and now millions of others.

In honor of Kellie, I am joining her #saythankyou campaign.  I invite you to join too.

Here is all you have to do:

1) Think of an everyday hero that’s made a difference in your life.
2) Grab your phone and film your “thank you.”
3) Post your short video on Facebook and challenge your friends to do it too.
4) Tag it #saythankyou

Here is my video to thank a hero in my life.

Click the image above to view the video or use this link.

Thank you, Regina Blos, for your vision, intelligence, courage, perserverence, love and caring. You make my life and our world so much better!

OK, you’re next! Who is a hero you want to thank?

And while you’re at it: what long-held dream do you have? Taking a step toward one of your dreams and thanking a hero is a winning combination, for sure.

Have a wonderful week! And I’ll see Women on Fire monthly members on the Holiday LIVE CHAT on Tuesday evening.


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