January 2016 Inner Circle Sneak Peak w/ Gloria Steinem

Is Gloria Steinem a woman you too have long admired?

Sound Cloud Monthly Sneak Peek June 2015

I started learning from Gloria in my late teens and the wisdom has never stopped! Today, at 81, this champion of women’s rights continues to be full of hope and inspiration — and she share it with us in a moving interview. Gloria documents her life of travel and what she’s learned in her new book, My Life on the Road. Please listen to a brief audio segment below as my gift, and if you like what you hear, I hope you will join us and receive the full interview.

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  • The mistake made in the women’s movement
  • Why you should act as if every moment matters
  • What advice she’d give her 55-year-old self
  • The love she still has to give to the world before she dies
  • What she’s addicted to (you might be surprised!)
  • Who her role models are … and much more

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