June 2016 Sneak Peek Interview with Nancy Kramer

She grew up as the “daughter of a Keebler elf.

In 1981, Nancy Kramer was only a few years out of college when she launched a marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio.

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Her first order of business was nailing down a small start-up in California as her initial client.

That firm was Apple Computer.

Over the next 35 years, Nancy grew Resource into the largest independent, women-owned marketing agency in the country.

She recently sold the company to a division of IBM and is setting out on a new career with them as a global executive.

Listen here to Nancy’s amusing story about teaming up with Apple Computer:

Nancy is first a mom of three — and a bonus mom to three more.

And, she is an example of what can happen when you pursue life with passion and don’t give up before the miracle.

In my interview with her a few days ago on Martha’s Vineyard, Nancy shares her experience and strategies to help you reach your own goals and dreams.

You’ll Discover:

  • How this once shy, sensitive child learned to express her authentic self
  • Why this “daughter of a Keebler elf” never ate Oreo cookies!
  • About her unexpected road to entrepreneurship
  • How she landed Apple Computer as her first client, even as she was going through her own “on-the-job training”
  • Her advice to prospective entrepreneurs about starting a business
  • The role that values play in her personal and professional success
  • How she coped with a divorce during a major downturn in her business
  • The mistake she made when she was forced to lay off employees
  • The priorities she set to allow her, as a single mom, to manage a business as well as a household with three children
  • Her thoughtful and important strategy to help a blended family flourish
  • How fear, anxiety and health struggles led her to make changes in her self-care. The result – she felt stronger, braver and more confident
  • About the advocacy organization she founded that is impacting women worldwide

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