November 2016 Sneak Peek Interview with Gloria Steinem

Are you lighting the way for others?

As we enter the closing moments of this historic U.S. presidential election, with the possibility of the first woman president before us, this is a perfect time to examine our own leadership qualities.

Are you letting your voice be heard?

Are you a good role model for the young women in your life?

In my interview for the November Women on Fire membership, I talk with a woman who sets an awe-inspiring example: Gloria Steinem.

You will find 82-year-old Gloria absolutely exhilarating!

She has been a leader of the women’s movement for five decades and is our foremost advocate for reproductive healthcare. She is also a best-selling author and a 2013 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among so many accomplishments.

This very special interview was taped at the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin on October 14, 2016.

And I am so proud that one of our own Women on Fire, the amazing and talented Linda Neff, was instrumental in planning this remarkable event.

In this provocative and wide-ranging conversation, Gloria leads us in exploring:

  • Our challenge and obligation to make reproductive freedom a fundamental human right
  • The deeply emotional event that changed her life at age 22
  • Why Gloria considers travel as a form of meditation and how even the housebound can have an on-the-road state of mind
  • A major obstacle women face when running for high office and some women Gloria believes would have made excellent presidents
  • Gloria’s belief about passing on her “torch” and the inspiring young change-makers she says to keep an eye on
  • Why fear is a sign of growth and a gauge for your potential
  • How the subjugation of women is an indicator of other forms of abuse and brutality
  • The devastating effect it can have when you look into a mirror and criticize yourself
  • Why it is essential for your spirit and sanity to step away from your computer… and so much more

If you’re not yet part of our Women on Fire membership, please be our guest and listen as Gloria talks about overcoming the feeling of “invisibility” in the workplace and beyond:

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Gloria has spent her lifetime organizing women to advocate for better lives for all of us. She will inspire you to find your own path of leadership and being visible!

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