May 2017 Sneak Peek interview with Kellie Haddock

How would you respond if, in an instant, your perfect life turned into tragedy?

This was the experience of my guest for the May Women on Fire membership interview.

In 2004, 20-year-old Kellie Haddock was the victim of a horrific car accident. Her husband was killed on impact, and her 14-week-old son, Eli, suffered devastating brain injuries. The prognosis was grim.

Incredibly, thanks to the efforts of Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital, Eli was eventually released to continue his rehabilitation at home.

WOF Sneak Peek May

As the 10th anniversary of the heartbreaking event approached, Kellie began efforts to track down all of those who had made Eli’s recovery possible.

The video of her quest to thank those who rescued her and saved her baby’s life has now been viewed more than 100 million times.

It was a long, difficult road, but it brought Kellie to an exciting new phase of her life. She is now remarried, the mother of three children and on tour in support of her third album.

In our conversation, Kellie, a Women on Fire member, for the first time, shares behind-the-scenes details of how she worked through grief to get where she is today.

If you’re not yet part of our Women on Fire membership, please be our guest and listen in as Kellie gives helpful suggestions for ways to support someone who is grieving:

In our conversation, Kellie and I discuss:

  • The dream that was handed down from her grandmother
  • How her faith was strengthened as much from asking questions as by receiving answers
  • Ways heroes respond in times of grief and despair
  • Learning to accept love — with all of its variations and complications
  • The moment she first envisioned her Thank You Project and the twists and turns along the road to making it happen
  • Cultivating gratitude to discover its beauty, power and miracles
  • Simple acts of kindness to support grieving family and friends
  • The roles music and songwriting have for Kellie in expressing her love and gratitude

In the After Interview, a very special guest surprises Kellie with a message of support for her brand new album, Wild Love.

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