June 2017 Sneak Peek interview with Tiffany Dufu

How many roles and responsibilities are you currently juggling?

Is it so many that your life feels chaotic and unmanageable?

Well, I recently learned the secret to getting it all done: You must drop the ball!

But that is one of your biggest fears, right?

Help is on the way!

For the June membership, I interviewed leadership expert Tiffany Dufu, the author of Drop The Ball: Achieving More By Doing Less. In this best-selling new memoir and in our talk, Tiffany shares ideas that are eye-opening and life-altering.

WOF Sneak Peek June

Listen in here as she shares ways to look at the roles in your life and how you have come to define them:

In the rest of the interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why dropping the ball is the ticket to success and sanity
  • A formula for deciding which balls to drop
  • Two important — and surprising — leadership skills
  • Key questions to ask yourself about the many roles you inhabit
  • The step you may be overlooking when you delegate a task

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