November’s Book To Live By

Are you looking for a tantalizing, titillating, totally bewitching book to warm your winter nights?

I have a special recommendation this month that will fit the bill.

And you could expect nothing less from one of our most inspired and inspiring Women on Fire.

For the November Book To Live By, I am thrilled to present the new book by our dear friend:

Unforgivable Love by Sophfronia Scott

Unforgivable Love by Sophfronia Scott

Unforgivable Love offers a stunning retelling of the 1782 French novel, Les Liaisons Dangereuses. The book was scandalous in its time, yet so irresistibly provocative and universal in its subject matter that in the two centuries since it has seen numerous adaptations in every imaginable format and setting.

Given this rich history, it is remarkable to find such a fresh and alluring twist on the themes and a deeper exploration of the characters. But Sophfronia gives us a portrayal that is utterly original and surprising.

Unforgivable Love is set in 1947 Harlem among the crème de la crème of African American society.

The beautifully written and elegantly plotted tale is told from four viewpoints, each drawn with depth and texture. You may not like all of the characters, but you won’t be able to resist or forget them.

Treachery, revenge and seduction abound. The tension will at times leave you gasping and heartsore. And you will want to luxuriate in the luscious scenery.

Unforgivable Love is brilliant and beguiling, and I am so proud to share Sophfronia’s achievement with all of her Women on Fire sisters. It is available from Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Here’s to warm winter nights ahead,

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