December 2017 Sneak Peek Interview with Rob Berkley

Your magic is inside of you, and it just wants to come out.

That message was at the core of the Women on Fire 2017 Retreat in Miami Beach, where our theme was Time to Make Your Magic Happen.

The final event of the retreat brought it all together. Rob Berkley shared his wise, wonderful and easily applicable action plan for how to release your magic into the world.

It is unusual to see a man at the retreat, much less as a speaker! But Rob is special to Women on Fire. We think of him as our rock, our keel.

Rob is a master-certified coach, an author, an entrepreneur, a visionary. He is also my husband and partner.

After his talk at the retreat, many women asked me for a recording or the presentation points so they could listen to it again.

For the December membership packet, I am so pleased to share Rob’s inspiring message, “How to Unleash Your Magic,” especially for those of you who couldn’t be with us in Miami.

Listen here as Rob asks us to look at our commitment to our purpose:

In the rest of his talk, Rob shares his tried-and-true strategies, including:

  • 10 ways to create happiness
  • 10 blocks to your magic showing up
  • The essential step to unleashing your magic
  • How to set, reset, and manage your boundaries
  • The subtle but fundamental differences between happiness and pleasure
  • The magic of a supportive community
  • What to do if the people you love don’t give you the support you need
  • Why you are already perfect to begin living the life of your dreams today

Even if just one of these ideas speaks to you and you put it into practice, over time you will move your life in a positive direction — and toward what you truly want.

To hear the rest of Rob’s practical and insightful talk, join the Women on Fire Monthly Membership today.

You will become part of what New York Times’ best-selling author Marianne Williamson calls “the ultimate ‘you go, girl’ community for inspiration and support.”

You have until December 5 to receive the Rob’s full keynote address from our 2017 retreat, your personalized coaching materials, access to the Women on Fire private Facebook page and much, much more.

We hope you’ll join us!

With love,
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