February 2018 Sneak Peek Interview with Sanjiv Chopra & Gina Vild

Wouldn’t it be great to show yourself a little love for Valentine’s Day? I have the perfect inspiration for you!

This month, my guests for the membership interview are Dr. Sanjiv Chopra and Gina Vild, co-authors and colleagues at Harvard Medical School.

WOF Sneak Peek Feb

Their new book, The Two Most Important Days: How to Find Your Purpose — and Live a Happier, Healthier Life, will send you down the path to more joy and fulfillment.

That, to me, is love!

Listen in here, as Sanjiv and Gina tell us how to spark happier, healthier days with motivating morning and evening practices:

In the rest of the interview, Sanjiv, Gina and I each share our personal life purposes. You’ll also learn:

  • Simple exercises to help you realize your own purpose
  • About Sanjiv’s amazing family, including his older brother, Dr. Deepak Chopra
  • That there is a science to happiness, and the role community plays in it
  • Why you should celebrate friendship and easy ways to do it
  • How sleep solves problems
  • A fun and meaningful family game for around the dinner table called “Thorns, Buds and Roses”
  • How to turn feelings of frustration and anger into one of gratitude
  • And Gina shares beautiful examples of one of her great passions and inspirations: poetry

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We hope you’ll join us!

Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

With love,
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