April 2018 Sneak Peek Interview with Tzurit Or

Tzurit Or has the recipe for sweet success!

And it is appropriate — you might even call it “poetic justice”— because her first name is pronounced suh-weet.

In Boston last winter, I fell in love with a new kind of bakery and cafe called Tatte (rhymes with latte). I simply had to meet the genius behind it. I am so pleased to introduce this brilliant entrepreneur to you.

Tzurit Or was raised on a kibbutz where her mother was the master baker. As a young woman, a longing for independence took her to Tel Aviv, where she spent 12 years as a successful film producer.

Tzurit Or

Then in 2007, she came to the United States — an immigrant and single mom with no financial backing — and found her way back to her true calling: baking. Boston’s farmers markets recognized the unique delicacy of her creations and offered her a break.

After only one summer, Tatte expanded to its first brick-and-mortar store—designed by Tzurit with a warm home-away-from-home feeling.

Today, there are eight Tatte bakeries with many more on the drawing board.

In the interview Tzurit speaks passionately about how she takes care of her employees. In this clip, you’ll hear her insights on nurturing the business end:

Her entrepreneurial journey will melt your heart and uplift you to follow your own dreams!

In the rest of the interview, you’ll also learn:

  • What it’s like growing up in an Israeli kibbutz
  • Tzurit’s thought process in figuring out her passion and how she followed it
  • When she’s felt like quitting, what kept her going
  • The magic behind creating a dream-come-true life
  • What it means to “get big and stay small” to protect your brand
  • Her biggest considerations when looking for a business partner
  • Her philosophy about putting people before profits
  • What she sees as a business owner’s biggest challenge and how she deals with it
  • Why authenticity beats gimmicks

Warning: listening to this interview and even just visiting www.tattebakery.com might make you very hungry!

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