August 2018 Sneak Peek Interview with Mary Burnett Brown and Janet Simmonds

I absolutely love to travel! And I know you do, too.

Travel satisfies our sense of wonder and discovery. It gives us a break from the mundane. We find beauty and novelty.

But travel can also be unnerving. You are at the mercy of schedules and all manner of uncertainty.

For August, I spoke to two beloved members of our Women on Fire community who also happen to be travel pros. Their insider tips and advice will bring you the thrill of adventure and peace of mind!

Janet Simmonds (pictured on right) is a longtime tour guide and travel writer, and Mary Burnett Brown (left) has been a flight attendant for nearly four decades.

Janet Simmonds and Mary Burnett Brown

From the practical to the inspirational and even the silly, Mary and Janet tell all!


In this interview, they share:

  • Three secrets to successful travel
  • Helpful ideas for what and how to pack
  • Tried-and-true strategies for fighting jet lag
  • How to ensure a safe trip no matter where your bucket list takes you…and so much more!

Whether you’re a novice traveler or a seasoned tourist, I know you’ll be inspired and enriched by Janet and Mary’s insights. Plus, this conversation with these delightful pros is a hoot!

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Happy travels to you,
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