January’s Book To Live By

Each new year calls us to a fresh start.

Many of us will resolve to change our habits and attitude, hoping to improve our life circumstances.

But what if, instead of working from the inside out, we began with our surroundings? I highly recommend this approach!

The guest for our January membership interview is Karen Rauch Carter. This Women on Fire favorite is an expert in feng shui, the traditional Chinese philosophy of organizing your home to support your goals and dreams.

To build on that inspiring interview conversation, our January Book To Live By is:

Make a Shift, Change Your Life: Simple Solutions to Transform Your Life from Drab to Fab Now! by Karen Rauch Carter

Make a Shift Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter

This wise, upbeat book complements Karen’s best-selling Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, which is a classic in the field.

Karen shows us that everything is energy, and the closer something is to you the more powerful its impact. You learn that by decluttering your environment you declutter your mind.

This self-guided workshop is filled with easy-to-follow tips and techniques and clear examples of “course corrections” to get you back on the path you intended for your life.

I guarantee you will have fun reading this book and following Karen’s straightforward advice.

I have worked with Karen and experienced the positive, energetic changes her strategies bring. They really work! I hope you will enjoy her book. 

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2019,

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